Burials up to 1813

Newdigate Burials Register

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1933 to end p.45, Ellen Francis Burrows [p.80]

to end 1978 from parish magazines

[needed: 1704-1705 (previous transcript); otherwise complete to end of 1930 = end of Newdigate Society copies, plus additions from memorials and wills]

[checked against baptisms: 1800-Nov 1836]

The early registers were copied from, apparently, loose sheets some fifty years later; the earliest are certainly incomplete e.g. the gap from June 1562 to November 1565. Spellings transcribed as given, with Ff as F, and a modern ‘u’ as ‘a’. References to ‘transcription’ are to the bound version in the Surrey History Centre, which is occasionally doubtful or wrong, and gives modern spellings throughout; names and dates in (brackets) are from it, used where the original is illegible on the microfiche.

note that ‘of Capel’ may mean that they have legal settlement there, not that they are living there.


undated, at start of new baptism register in 1706, followed by a note dated 1769:

Customary Dues in this Parish                               £. s. d

For Churching                                                    0. 0. ?

For Publishing the Banns of Marriage                     0. 1. ?

For Marriage and Banns                                        0. 6. 0

For a Certificate to be Married                                0. 2. 6

For a Marriage Licence                                         0.10. 6

For Burying Persons not of the Parish                     0. 6. 0

For Burying in the Church for a Parishener               0.10. 0

For Burying in the Chancel a Parishoner                  1. 0. 0

For a Funeral Sermon                                           0.10. 0

For Searching the Register                                                0. 0. 6

For Writing a Certificate                                       0. 0. 6

For Burying one not of ye Parish in ye Church          1. 0. 0

For Burying one not of ye Parish in ye Chancel         2. 0. 0


[1484/5 January John Hitcherst] [of Nudigate; will 6 January, to be buried at Slawgham; wife Joan]
[1485 December John Vernest] [will 12 December, to be buried here; wife Joan]
[1489 April William Manne] [will 20 April, to be buried in the churchyard of St Peter & Paul Newdigate; wife Joan; children Thomas, Joan, Robert, Richard, John, James, Alice]
[1516] May Thomas Newdegate] [will 26 May, gent.; to be buried in chapel of St. Margaret; wife Alice (d. 1533/4); sons Thomas, Richard, John; Kymber’s Meadow, land W. of stream from Rowchalford to Beme lands, Millfield, Clerk land, Rykmans Crofts, Seamans Hurst (Capel), Deneland, Bachelors, Horsey, Southland, Marles]
[1516 August John Pancras] [will 23 August; wife Alice]
[1520 May Thomas Symonde] [will 20 May; wife Juliana, children Thomas, Joan]
[1521 August John Waller] [will 14 August; brother William]
[1522 May Thomas Wryght] [will 16 May; messuage called Wryghts, Bemelands, messuage W. of Horsham – Ewood Park road, land Charlwood; wife Thomasine, sons Thomas, John, Robert]
[1533/4 January Richard Bell] [will 14 January; husbandman, leased Chaffolds Farm; children Nicholas (died 1560/1), Elizabeth and Agnes]
[1533/4 February Alice Newdygate] [will 21 Feb.; widow of Thomas (d.1516), buried in Chapel of St. Margaret; children Richard, John, Thomas, Ann]
[1535 August Valentine Wryght] [will 21 August; brothers Robert and Herry]
[1538 April Matthew Bell] [will 23 April; parson]
[1539 April William Mongar] [will 18 April; children John, another John, Joan, Richard, Isabel; Agnes ? wife or child]
[1541 John Baynyne] [will 31 July; burial at Capel]
[1547/8 March Jenkins Hychesst] [will 20 March; wife Joan, children Ann, Richard, others]
[1554/5 January John Wryght] [will 4 January; wife Joan, children John, Robert, Thomas, Elizabeth, Margaret]
[1557 John Lewer] [will not seen; inventory husbandman]
[1558 November John Sherwyn] [will 8 November; children Alice, Elizabeth, Agnes, John, Joan Stanton, Emma Coke]
1559 28 August John Kempe
1560 21 September Mathew Misbrooke
[1560/1 February John Staunton] [will 23 February; husbandman; children Harry, Mathew, Thomas, Robert, Alice, Richard, Margaret]
[1560/1 February Nicholas Bell] [son of Richard d. 1533/4; will 26 February; husbandman; wife Mary (died 1561), sister Agnes]
[1561 May Mary Bell] [widow (Nicholas died 1560/1); will 21 May; children Thomas, John, Nicholas, Joan]
1561 8 January Richard Sherwyne
20 January Anne Isake
25 January Robert Chasmore
[1561/2 February Thomas Gardyner] [will 8 February, implied tanner; second wife Joan, children by his first wife Thomas, John, Oliver, Joan, and by his second Agnes, Susan]
1562? 12 Aprill Joane Kempe
20 Aprill Willm Tayler
26 Aprill Samuell? Wright
1562 12 June Nicholas Misbrooke
1565 9 November John Whitland
15 November John Rodames
20 November Thomas Naldret
4 December? Robert Wright of Lyne
20 January Edmond Cooke
28 January Margaret Naldret
1566 1 April Annis Wright [‘Annis’ is given as ‘Agnes’ throughout the official transcription]
11 Apryll Thomas Frauncis
22 April Alice Hobberd
same day John Hobberd
15 May Elizabeth Wright
2 July Mabell Hitchers
30 August John Eide
24 December George Dorrill
12 January Mathew Stanton
(1566) 16 January Frauncis Ismonger
same day Mary Chanler
? February Willm Wright
7 February Stanton wife of Edmond
18 February Margeret Staplehurst widue
2 March John Sherwyn
7 March John Chaunler?
1567 5 Aprill George Newdigat son of Thomas Newdigat, gene.
12 April Doritie Moncke
24 April John Stoone
10 May Thomas Lewer Wright servaunt to John Vunfrey[?] buried the 18 July
18 July John Vunfrey?
20 July John Poope [will of John Pope 12 April 1567; implied farmer; wife Ann; children Robert, George, Joan]
6 August Elizabeth Allingham
30 August Thomas Frauncis
2 February Mr. Richard Bowek?
1568 26 March Richard Naldret [?son of William, baptised 1567]
10 May Richard Naldret [or here]
21 December Thomas Wright [baptised 24 Sept.]
19 January Ellyn Bowrer [baptised 4 Jan. Elen Borer]
1569 20 May Margerie Wheler
30 May Doritie Snellinge [will (not seen), Doratha, maiden of Newdigate, proved 10 June]
10 August Alice Wright [?baptised March 1568]
29 January Agnes Frauncis
5 March John Wright [? son of Mathew, baptised 4 March]
1570 13 October Agnes Misbrooke
(1570) 16 October Nycholas Constable

[The following five entries are in the baptisms register; burials register has no entries from October 1570, at the bottom of a page, to July 1576 at the top of another. Several pages probably missing.]

1572 3 Jan Anne Bowes
6 Jan Richard Rickman
18 Sept Edmonde Charmler? [? Chaunler]
1573 2 Jan Jone Borer
27 Mar Willm Lucoke
[1574 April Edmund Wryght] [will 1 April; wife Ann; children Joan, Elizabeth, Frances, William; uncle William]
[1575/6 February Thomas Newdygate] [will 20 February; to be buried in the churchyard; house Newdigate Place, also much else; wife Agnes; children Walter, Thomas, Agnes, Venyse
1576 2 July Hendry Pomfert [baptised 13 Feb., Henry son of Hendry Pomfret]
30 July John Morgan parson of Newdigat [rector 1547-54, 1558-76]
12 November Als Ley [? daughter of Thomas, baptised 31 Aug.]
3 December William Jackman
10 February John Wright [? son of William, baptised 9 Feb.]
1577 3 June Agnes Gardiner [daughter of Oliver, baptised 2 June]
7 June Hendry Henne
7 June Als Gardiner [wife of Oliver?, mother of Agnes baptised 2 June & buried 3 June; Oliver’s death not recorded]
24 July Als Hill daughter of John Hill [so presumably a child; baptism not recorded]
7 August John Kempe
21 August John Misbrooke
2 September Julyan Gyles [baptised Nov. 1576, Jyliane daughter of George Jyles]
8 January Joane Palmer
1578 22 May Hendry Fraunces
2 June Robert Lee
23 August Hendry Pomfret
27 August Agnes Naldret
20 November John Holebrooke [widow Hobroke buried 1599]
(1578) 16 December Joane Lee
the same day Elizabeth Perigo [baptised March 1569, ‘daughter of Perigo a Frenchman’]
17 December John Perigo [father and daughter?]
29 December Anne Bowrer [? Annes Borer daughter of John, baptised March 1574]
23 February Elizabeth Hamon [‘Hamon’ spelt consistantly with a contraction mark: Hammon? Hamond?
24 February Hendry Bowrer
1579 29 February John Boweton son of John [baptised 15 Feb.]
20 June John Willat son of Edward Willatt [baptised Jan. 1574]
26 August John Chaunler [yeoman, will of John Chaundelor 9 April 1574; widow Joan Chandler’s will undated, wife Joan Chaunler buried 1592; children Joan, Catherine, John deceased (wife now Agnes Amy); Woodmans & Rolfes, & land in Cranleigh, Ockley, Abinger, Dorking]
14 November Nicholas Wright [will 11 November 1579; wife Susan; children Agnes, Joan, Catherine, Alice, Faith, Margaret, Richard, Nicholas, William, Thomas; leased Mareland]
14 January John Pepper [baptised 3 Jan., son of John Peper]
29 February Ellinor Elliott
10 March Richard Wright [baptised 5 Dec.; son of Mathew]
1580 17 April John Newdigat son of Mr. Walter Newdigat; [baptised Nov. 1577]
14 May Margaret Bristed daughter of Arnolde Bristede
31 October John Charman
10 November John Lee [baptised same day; son of Thomas]
1581 17 November Richard Tayler [?baptised 9 July, son of Richard]
28 November Margaret Smith
3 January John Henne [husbandman, will 29 December 1581 signed X; ? unmarried, mother Margaret, sisters – Mathewe & Agnes Turner, brother Edward Jackman]
2 February Agnes Rickman [twins, baptised 1 Feb., daughters of Thomas]
ye same day Bethsube Reckman “ [Rickman]
1582 27 March Thomas Twyner
28 May Joane Wright
17 October Als Naldret
(1582) 1 December Willm and Richarde Tayler sonnes of Robert Tayler [ twins, baptised same day as burial]
7 December Richard Wood sonne of Willm Woode [baptised 25 Nov.]
1583 12 April Joane Wright daughter of Willm Wright [baptised 1561 or 1562]
13 June? Agnes Newdigat [will & inventory 1581/2]
22 June Willm Sansforde
23 July John Allingham
1584 20 March John Wright
15 April Margaret Lee [baptised 14 April, daughter of John]
9 May Frusan Bristow [?baptised March 1576, daughter of Peter]
24 May Robert Burnet
6 June Margaret Bolton [baptised 5 June, daughter of Richard]
1 July Robert Frauncis [son of Richard, baptised Oct. 1581]
4 July Elizabeth Mathew
17 July Maudlen Isarke
19 July Willm Wood [?son of William Wud, baptised Jan. 1880]
27 August Frusan Misbrooke [? daughter of John, baptised Sept. 1572 ]
the same day John Misbrooke
8 August George Brommfyld [illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth Brumfeild, baptised 1 Oct.]
27 January Margaret Frauncis [daughter of Richard, baptised 18 April]
12 January Willm Constable
15 March Willm Gardiner [son of John, baptised 10 March]
24 March Joane Bucher
1585 21 April Stephen Henne
28 April Marie Peniale
14 May Agnes Mathew
(1585) 14 May John Woode [?son of William, baptised April 1576]
? June Joane Shyt— [daughter of Richard, baptised 16 July]
23 July Als Bolton [?son of Elias, baptised 24 Feb.]
5 November Robert Naldret
20 November Willm Kempe
10 December Anne Hichehurst
10 December Joane Sander
[1586] [28 January Richarde Wright] [no burial recorded, will summary]
8 March Joane Lee
8 March Moyses Willat [baptised 2 Feb., Moses son of Edward Willet]
1586 15 November Thomas Smith
9 February Katherine Hichehurst [daughter of Richard, baptised Feb. 1583]
20 February Richard Boweton [daughter of Richard, baptised 23 Sept.]
23 February Margaret Bristow [daughter of John, baptised 28 Jan.]
15 March Micaell Radomes [sic]
22 March Marie Tullet [daughter of Edward, baptised 12 March]
1587 8 April Richard Tullet
15 April Margaret Kilner
17 May Als Croweste
7 May Nicholas Hamon [Hamond?, son of John, baptised 26 March]
25 July Ephraim Willat [son of Edward, baptised 9 July]
18 August Katherine Hole [daughter of Thomas, baptised 21 June]
10 December John White [son of Richard, baptised 27 Aug.]
27 January Joane Tullet
9 February Elizabeth Sandforde
8 March John Eversed [?son of Thomas, baptised March 1581]
(1587) 18 March Willm Dibble [will & inventory 1587/8, wife Agnes, daughters Agnes, Elizabeth (m. Rickman 1588, d. 1589); land ?Kingsland]
1588 31 March Richard Tayler
3 May Richard Stone
3 August Thomas Smalpece [?son of Thomas, baptised Feb. 1585]
16 September Edward Bucher sonne of Rowland Bucher [baptised March 1586]
8 October Mychaell White sonne of Richard White [baptised 6 Oct.]
4 November Joane Terrie wife of Nicholas [N’s death not recorded]
17 January Marie Edington daughter of John
28 February Elizabeth Misbrooke [widow, will 22 February 1588/9; children Henry, Jane]
6 March James Martin
11 March Als Naldret [?daughter of William, baptised Sept. 1569]
11 March John Lowedell
  1. Item the 29th day of March I. [or J. – infant?] Newdigat the sonne of Mr. Walter Newdigat was still borne and Buried the same Day.
1589 28 May Als Lee wife of John [John’s burial not identifiable]
30 – Edwarde Tullet
(1 December) Elizabeth Rickeman wife of (Nicholas) [neé Dibble; N. buried 1594]
18 March Elstie? (Elseie) The wife of Thomas [T’s death not recorded]
1590 13 May Blanche Gutson wife of Robert [R’s death not recorded]
30 May John Gardiner
10 July Elizabeth Jyles wife of Peter [Peter buried 1594]
25 July Thomas Fuller sonne of Thomas [baptised 24 July]
10 August Mr. Walter Newdigat
16 October John Warde
(1590) 26 December John Naldret
6 March Edmonde Shirlocke [recently a servant, will 3 March 1590/1; wife Joan, various debts owed to him]
24 October John Dudenie was buried at Newdigat the 24th Day of October being brought thither by James Tomson the Begger
1591 5 November Hendry Amie of the p[ar]ishe of Horsham in Sussex was buried … at Newdigate [sic]
17 November Foshett
8 January (John Grove) [Grone?]
31 January (Thomas) Crowest
4 March (Elizabeth) Fraunces
1592 11 June (Henry Chis)men [baptisms Chesman]
4 July (Julian We)ller wife of William Weller [William died 1605]
10 July (Agnes Wright) daughter of Mathew [Anne baptised July 1589]
1 August Joane Hewer
28 August John Ashefolde sonne of Joane [illegitimate; baptised 23 Aug.]
8 December Thomas Naldret sonne of Elliott [not in baptisms register]
14 December Joane Chaunler wydowe [of John Chaundelor, will 1574 & buried 1579; will of Joan Chandler undated; children Elizabeth Stevens, Alice, Catherine Smalpece; lease of property in Horsham]
1593 8 January Willm Lawe former parson [rector 1567-93]
21 January Elizabeth Naldret wife of Thomas
3 February Richard Stanton
19 March Catherine Rickeman
1594 2 April Nicholas Rickeman [wife Elizabeth buried 1589; will 27 March 1593/4; children Agnes Waname, Emma, Nicholas]
18 April Alice Hole wife of Thomas
5 September Margerie Mathew
19 September Peter Gyles [wife buried 1590]
5 October Robert Fraunces
4 February Simon Eyde [wife died 1612]
11 September John Isaacke
1 October Joane Barker daughter of Thomas [not Bucher]
29 January Peter Bristow
the same day John Lowsons
[1594/5 January? Richard Wright] [will 28 January proved 17 July; lands; wife Jone, son Richard]
1595 24 February John Constable
22 March Constable sonne of Thomas Constable [?Thomas son of Thomas, baptised Dec. 1589]
3 May Bristoe John Brostoes wife of Newdigat [John died 1611]
24 May Thomas Hamon [Hamond?]
9 July Annis Staplehurst daughter of John [?baptised Anne Oct. 1580]
same day John Bartholomewe son of Ralph Bartholomewe [not in baptisms register]
15 December Connias? Knight daughter of Edward [not in baptisms register]
18 December John Fenne [not Henne] of Capell p[ar]ishe
28 December Margerie Keddington wife of Thomas
15 January Thomas Terrill [will Thomas Teirell, carpenter, 13 January 1595/6; wife Johane, children Thomas, William the elder & younger (b.1591), John (b. 1592), Mary, Elizabeth (b. 1588), Mabell (b. 1594)]
15 January Willm Naldret sonne of William [?baptised July 1578]
16 February Margaret Lawe wife of Willm [only other Lowe in registers is William, died 1593, so she’d be his widow, not wife]
25 February John Dimmoke
18 March Mable Lynch daughter of Willm [baptised 28 Feb.]
1596 24 May Thomas Jackman
25 May Richard Brookes
11 July Joane Rickeman daughter of James [baptised Jane, March 1595]
29 July Susan White daughter of Richard [baptised 18 July]
15 August Thomas Hamon[d?] sonne of George [baptised Dec. 1595]
27 August Ellis Naldret [? wife Alice died 1598, married 1567]
11 November John Pope sonne of Pope [sic; baptised12 Sept., son of Robert]
19 February Richard Lynch sonne of Willm Linche [baptised 30 June]
11 March Willm Wheler sonne of Christopher [baptised 8 Aug.]
11 March Jamas [sic] Swaine sonne of Nicholas [not in baptisms register]
1597 12 August Thomas Staplehurst
15 November Joane Fraunces [baptised Jane, Nov. 1595]
12 February Blanch Elliot wife of Thomas
1598 17 April Edward Willat sonne of Edward [?baptised Jan. 1583]
24 April Hendry Stanton
27 August Anne Rickeman daughter of James [baptised the same day]
10 October – (daughter) Mathew Mathew the daughter of Thomas Mathew as her mother said, being a Bastarde…[ baptised Aug. 1593]
10 January Katherine Morgans wydowe [wrongly transcribed Kathleen; husband not in burials]
2 February Alice Naldret wydowe [husband ? Ellis, died 1596, married 1567]
9 February Robert Hamon [contraction – Hamond?]
1599 26 May Thomas Eide son of Thomas [not in baptisms register]
9 June Anthonie Mathew [husbandman, will 1599]
12 June Thomas White son of Richard [baptised Aug. 1598]
16 March Vidne [=widow] Hebroke [‘Vidne’ transcribed as ‘widow’ throughout: ‘survivor’?; ? wife of John Holebrooke died 1578]
1600 27 March Thomas Wood son of Willm Woode [?baptised July 1576]
29 March Vidne (widow) Stanton [? widow of Hendry d.1596, or Richard d.1593]
30 March Anne Staplehurst wife of John [?John died 1591]
1 April Vidne (widow) Jackman [? widow of Thomas d.1596 or William d.1576]
2 May George Hamon
7 June Mishis [Mrs.] Tharpe wife of Mr. John
21 July Katherine Naldret wife of Thomas [Thomas died 1603; married 4 July 1596, Annis baptised 30 Jan. 1596/7, Thomas 24 Feb. 1599/1600]
6 December Marie Rickeman daughter of James Rickman [baptised 30 Nov.]
1601 16 June Vidne (widow) Grone or Growe [? widow of John, died 1591]
20 June Thomas Eide [husbandman, Trinity College property, will Ede 1601]
19 July Hendry Wood
12 January Mathew Wright
1602 20 December Richard Bristow of Iwood [husbandman, will 1602]
1603 3 May Richard Charman
14 May John Caterum [Caterham?]
[signed] William Faggar
10 September Thomas Naldret [married 1596, wife Katherine died 1600; will of Thomas Nalldett 3 September 1603, yeoman, land rented from Trinity College; ?widowed, children Thomas, Agnes]
18 September Mother Wright ‘and Mary her daughter’
18 September Mary Wright
3 October Margaret Constable daughter of Thomas [?baptised Oct. 1582]
(1603) 4 October Margaret Mathew
5 October Annis Constable
21 October John White son of Richard [baptised Sept. 1600]
22 October Mathew Eide
8 November [daughter] White Elizabeth and Willm Whites daughter and son
8 November [son] White
1604 24 October Thomas Wright
1605 21 September Frauncis Misbrooke wife of Richard Misbrook
14 March William Weller [wife Julian died 1592]
1606 12 April Thomas Lee [wife Alice died 1628]
(26) June John Staplehurst senior [?wife died 1600]
1607 (4 April) Walsingham Harroden (son of William) [baptised Nov. 1594]
(5 April) William Wright [will ‘of Lyne’; wife Alice, children Thomas, Henry, Alice, Blanche]
26 June Elizabeth White wife of Richard
23 January Martaret Bucher
4 March Annis Tayler widne
13 March Christopher Deane
1608 22 June John Sheereman
6 October Hendry Lee
30 October Joan Wheler bastrud daughter of Walsingham Wheler [no baptism entry; mother baptised Apr. 1580]
28 February Annis Bolton daughter of Thomas gent
1609 14 September Richard Steere
28 September Robert Steere
1610 27 March John Smalepec(e?)
13 April Thomas Gardiner [will 2 June 1610 (sic), tanner, probably Tanhouse; sister Agnes, brother Edward, wife Eleanor (rem. 1611), children John, Ann ]

Following entries in a new hand, very small and cramped, presumably George Steere. From 1611 to 1613 [and later?] he enters the new year as ‘Anno Domini 1611 et Regis Jacobi 9o’ followed by an ornate initial as a signature. He also numbers each entry in the year, and enters women as ‘Elizabeth widow of Richard Bucher’ etc.

28 July Susan (Eede) widdow of Thomas Eede
4 August (John Gardiner)
12 August (Dionise White) (wife of) Richard White
13 November (John Allison) an old man
2 December (Henry Marden)
(22) December (- Wheeler) son of William Wheeler
18 January (Jean Steere) (widow of Robert) Steere
2 February (Elizabeth Marden) daughter of Hendry Marden [no baptism entry]
1611 7 May George Bucher [will of George Butcher 3 May 1611, signed X; wife Joan, children Richard, Agnes, Joan or Jane]
9 May Elizabeth Bucher widdow of Richard [not in register]
24 July Alexander Browne gent.
28 September Joane Hill wife of Nicholas Hill
23 October Elizabeth Marden widdow of Henrie Marden [Henrie died 2 Dec., daughter Elizabeth 2 Feb. ]
21 November Katherine Gardiner widdow of Thomas Gardiner
22 November Elizabeth Terrie wife of John Terrie
(22 November) Thomas Newdigate senr: gentlen [‘Newdigate’ with an ‘e’]
14 December Margaret Newdigate daughter of Thomas Newdigate (esq.) was buried at Dorkinge
16 December George Ditcher
31 December John Bristow
8 January Alice Wigglesworth daughter of Richard Wigglesworth
21 January Elias Naldret
22 January Thomas Catland [will Thomas Catlande, husbandman, 2 days before his death on ‘22 January’; wife Joan, daughter Margery Wooden]
26 January Jane Harreden wife of William
27 January Joane Catland widdow of Thomas
9 February Emme Lee wife of John
(1611) 12 February Margerie Wooden wife of John [widow, married him in July 1611]
27 February Katherine Newman wife of Richard
23 March Agnes Evans alias Row
1612 8 April John Moore servant to Mr. Dorrell
13 April John Terrie
27 June Katherine Constable daughter of John
28 August Henrie Lee
7 November Elizabeth Humphrie daughter of Edward
7 November Anne Misebrooke daughter of Richard at ye same time
15 November Eede the widdow of Simon Eede
9 December Thomas Kerrington [husbandman, will undated, proved 1613; wife Margery (rem. 1614), daughters Alice (b. 1596), Joan, Walsingham (b. 1602)]
12 January Thomas Constable
24 February Thomas Newdigate Esqor
1613 12 April Dorothie Allen
20 September Richard Misebrooke
12 November Agnes Dudeney daughter of Thomas
18 December Richard White
13 January John Taylour son of Richard
1614 16 April Agnes Boorer
20 April Frauncis Newdigate daughter of Richard Newdigate Gent.
3 May Elizabeth Lee widdow of Robert
3 January William Deane [will undated; wife Alice; children Robert, William (?b.1583), Philippa Lee (b.1581, m. 1601 Atlee), Christopher (b.1586)]
1615 12 May Alice Francis wife of Richard
12 May Elizabeth Mathew wife of Thomas Mathew of Charlewoode ye same time
15 September Anne Wright wife of Richard
31 October Agnes Butcher wife of Rowland
30 November James Edwardes [will of James Edward, undated, left tools to son William, daughter Thomasina, wife Elizabeth]
28 December George Lee son of Mathew
(3) January John Staplehurst [will 2 January 1615/16; wife Elizabeth; children Mary, Agnes, Martha]
(12) January William (Deane) son of Robert
(9) March Martin Lee
1616 29 May Jane Bexter daughter of Edward
16 June Elizabeth Lee
9 July James Dimmocke who died suddenly at Horsham
12 July Humphries An Infant of Richard Humphries unbaptised [previously such infants not buried by the church? not entered in register?]
25 July Elizabeth Humphrie wife of Richard [after childbirth]
26 August Henrie Willet [will undated; sister Margaret Whitinge, brother Edward]
27 August Margaret Dorrell wife of Henrie Dorrell Esq.
10 September Alice Allison wife of Edward
16 October Elenor Weller daughter of John
6 November Richard Frauncis senr [will undated; wife ? Catherine; children Margaret, Alice, Richard, Henry]
1617 23 April Lee A Childe of William Lees unbaptised
7 May Olde Alice ‘Olde Alice was buried May 7’
25 May Alice Lee the widdow of Martin
13 June Richard Bowton son of John
24 June Elizabeth Swanne daughter of Richard
25 June John Nie son of Oliver
5 August Thomas Constable son of Thomas
19 September Edwarde Charlewoode son of John
13 October Anne Constable daughter of Thomas
18 October Robert Taylour
5 December Dimmocke A sonne of Thomas Dimmocke unbaptised
6 December Thomas Arnold
10 December Lydia Dimmocke wife of Thomas [after childbirth; married 1616]
6 January Chelsams An Infant of Henrie Chelsams unbaptised
(1617) 14 January Margaret Constable widdow of Thomas
30 January Henrie Penfolde
26 March Richard Wright [will 24 July 1616, leased Mayreland; wife ? Faith; children Ann, Nicholas]
1618 21 May Marie Bickardicke wife of Thomas
22 May Mathew Misebrooke
18 July Mr. Henrie Darrell Esq.
23 September Anne Eliot wife of Thomas
1 January Chelsam An infant of Henrie Chelsam unbaptised
17 January Marie Chelsam wife of Henrie [after childbirth]
27 January Lee an infant of John Lees unbaptised
1619 18 May Wright An infant of William Wrights unbaptised
1 September John Wallis [will 11 June 1619, John Wallis snr, yeoman, owned mill in Horsham; wife Mary, sons John, Alan]
18 March Lee an infant of William Lees unbaptised
1620 26 May Mr. George Dorrell
18 August Mabel Wheeler daughter of Walter
[? Edward Rickeman] [husbandman, will undated, proved 12 January 1620]
12 January Anne Burstow widdow of Peter
17 January Thomas Drakeforde
3 March Mr. Richard Newdigate Gent.
5 March Marie Poulsden daughter of Thomas
16 March Katherine Deane wife of Robert
1621 11 April Agnes Mitchell wife of William
17 April Wright an infant of William Wrights unbaptised
8 November Elizabeth Lee wife of William
23 November Furrells an infant of Philip Furrells unbaptised
7 December Thomas Wright [will undated, left tools & furniture; wife Elizabeth, children Thomas, Mary, Susan, Agnes, Sarah]
31 December Anne Deane wife of Edward
24 January John Hatcher Gent.
13 February Agnes Chatfeild wife of Robert
19 February Bowton an infant of John Bowtons unbaptised
1622 13 April Brian an infant of Francis Brians unbaptised
  [10 May John Ancram] [Received of John Ancram June 6s. 8d. being buried in This Churchyard dying at Woodmanes [Woodmans] and not a parishioner. May 10 1662] [JB index cards, ‘written in front of parish register I’]
9 August Marie Wallis widdow of John
13 November Alice Deane widdow of William
26 January Marie Bickerdicke wife of Thomas Junr
8 March Wright an infant of William Wrights unbaptised
1623 13 April Widdow Worsfeilde
23 April William Rodams son of Thomas
3 July Margaret Rodams wife of Thomas
12 December (Bayton) an infant of John (Bayton) unbaptised
(12 December) (George Smith) (son of John)
(4 February) (Walter Wheeler)
4 February (Eleanor) Wheeler widow of Walter
1624 22 June Elizabeth Taylour widow of Robert
24 September Thomas Elliot son of Thomas
20 October Elizabeth Deane daughter of Edward
10 November Jane Terrie daughter of Roger
1 January Rouland Butcher (Rowland)
22 February Anne Constable daughter of Thomas
1625 16 May Joane Avelin wife of John [Joane married John 19 Jan. 1626/7!]
10 June Philip Lee wife of Mathew
24 September Thomas Wright son of Nicholas
5 October William Isaac
16 October Marie Wright daughter of William
28 October Richard Foster
(1625) 20 December Grace Bishop daughter of Mathew
15 January Marie Lewes daughter of Daniel
1 February Robert Pope [will 30 June 1625, carpenter; wife Elizabeth, daughters Elizabeth Gatton, Margaret Wignewen, Joan, Susan]
20 February Mabel Wonham wife of Thomas
26 February Elizabeth Dimmocke daughter of John
1626 27 April Timothie Allison daughter of Edward
24 July Agnes Misebrooke
19 October Anne Wheeler wife of William, ‘who (as is creditably affirmed) was borne upon Octob: 18. and was married Octob: 18 & died Oct: 18 1626 …’
16 December Henrie Rickman son of James junr
1627 12 May Edward Willet
10 June Marie Wright wife of William
12 June Francis Hatcher of Ashted
25 August Thomas Smalpeece [will of Thomas Smalepeece, yeoman, 15 April 1626; land Souters, & in Charlwood & Rusper; wife Catherine, son Thomas, daughters Joan Steere, Dorothy Hashard & Catherine Constable, son John deceased]
8 September Elizabeth Swan wife of Henrie
27 October Mr Edward Hill Minister
20 November Steere son of William, unbaptised
18 December John Lee of Capell
30 January Susan Weller daughter of John
15 March Elizabeth Rickman wife of James
1628 24 May Agnes Collins wife of John
27 August Alice Lee widow of Thomas
26 October James Rickman
18 January Wallis a daughter of John, unbaptised
28 February Marie Staplehurst daughter of John
1629 30 March widdow Elliott
12 May widdow Woode
8 November Elenor Weller wife of John
24 November Wright a son of William, unbaptised
19 January Roger Wonham son of William
12 March Katherin Poulsden daughter of Thomas
1630 7 May Hester Smith wife of John
13 May Mathew Bishop senior
24 May Walter Rickman son of James
7 June Faith Willet widow of Edward
27 Katherine Batchelour daughter of William
14 December widdow (Isaac)
28 January Christofer (Dimmock) son of John
21 March James Wheeler
1631 2 Aprill Mrs Jane Hatcher widdow
22 May John Emmerie son of Henrie
5 June Marcie Stanbridge daughter of John
21 June Elizabeth Brian daughter of Francis
1632 4 April John Machin
7 May Katherine Smallpeece widdow of Thomas
16 May John Stanbridge
23 May Marie Wright daughter of Nicholas [baptised 13 May]
28 May John Stidman
29 May John Collins senior [will 23 May 1632; husbandman; brother Daniel, sister Elizabeth Lee]
6 June Margaret Constable daughter of Thomas
11 June Alice Dudeney daughter of Thomas
28 June Richard Roberts
18 July Jane Gardener wife of Edward
19 July William Wallis son of Allen [baptised 17 June]
20 July William Constable son of Thomas [baptised 8 July]
(1632) 21 July Elizabeth Tie [will (not seen). 12 deaths since 4 May – famine or epidemic? Births normal]
4 September Francis Emmerie son of Henrie
14 November Thomas Wonham [will 31 May 1631; daughter Frusan Constable, sons John, Thomas, William, Abraham; brother John]
8 December Thomas Ridley son of Henrie [baptised October 2]
9 March Lee a daughter of Mathew junior
1633 1 April Joane Foster widdow of Richard
25 May Elizabeth Pope widdow of Robert
28 October Faith Wright an old maide [‘maid’ being an unmarried woman?]
4 December John Roberts
7 December Ralph Terrie
18 December Nicholas Wright son of Nicholas
1634 24 April William Weller son of John
[? Elizabeth Tye] [‘sentance’ (not seen), of Newdigate]
7 July William Wonham son of John
20 September ‘a stranger who died at Newdigate Place’
1 October Robert Farnefold son of Thomas Gent.
20 October Godard Jones son of Thomas, ‘a traverler’
26 November Thomas Wallis son of John
10 December Joanna Smallpeece ‘filia Thoma[s?]…defuncti et uxor? Georgij Steere Rectoris de Newdigate sepulta fuit Decemb. 10.1634.’ [tablet Z6 in church: ‘Here lyeth the body of Joane daughter of Thomas Smallpeece and late the wife of George Steere Parson to this parish. Shee died December 7 An Dom 1634 and expecteth a blessed resurection’]
27 December Mabell Flint wife of Thomas ye elder
28 January Anne Dayrie daughter of John
1635 31 March Katherine Mathew wife of Robert
13 April Oliver Abraham
22 April John Williet
22 April William Steere son of William, at ye same time [baptised Oct. 5 1634]
2 June Joane Weller wife of John
4 June William Charlewood son of Robert
27 June Marie Woode daughter of William [baptised 21 June]
4 July Mercie Standbridge daughter of Richard
25 January Richard Quittington senior
8 February William Tidie an old man
5 March John Avelin
25 March Wright a son of William, not baptised
1636 16 April Elizabeth Steere daughter of William [baptised April 10]
10 May Elizabeth Rodams wife of Thomas
16 May John Wright
11 June John Constable [will 20 April; yeoman; house Catwells Ockley; wife Mary, brother William]
7 August Edward Wheeler son of William [baptised 31 July]
10 October Margaret Taylour daughter of Richard [baptised previous day]
17 October Thomas Rodams [wife buries 10 May]
1 December Richard Roberts son of John
18 December Marie Roberts daughter of John
[December? Roger Terry] [will 19 December ?1636 proved June 1637; wife Margaret; children Cecily (b. 1612), Alice (b. 1617), Ann (m. 1643), Roger (b. 1606)]
21 December Edward Baxter [will 12 December; wife Alice, daughter Grace Jeale previously Grace Sandbrige]
8 January Henry Emerie
11 March Richard Quittington [will (not seen)]
1637 18 Sept Thomas Thorpe son of Thomas [baptised 5 July]
8 December Ann Bishop daughter of John [baptised 25 Dec. 1636]
18 January Thomas Humfrie [will (not seen), yeoman]
24 February Thomas Powlesden [will Thomas Poolesden 21 February 1637/8; wife Ann, children William, Jane, Ann]
24 March Matthew Bishop
1638 3 April widdow Machin
7 April John Wonham [will; John senior, will 21 March 1637/8, proved June 1638; kinswoman Alice Eade; ? unmarried]
8 March Marie Ridley
8 March Susan Taylour daughter of Richard
[April Henry Ridlie] [will 28 April, proved 30 May: husbandman; wife Elizabeth (?rem. 1658), children Drew, Elizabeth (b.1633), Mabel (b.1636)]
24 June Susan Evershed daughter of Thomas
7 September Marie Wallis wife of John
21 September Christofer Charlewoode
1 October Anne Rickman
20 October Richard Flint son of Thomas [baptised 20 Nov. 1636]
2 November George Gardyner son of John [baptised 7 Sept.]
12 November Marie Constable daughter of John
23 December John Butcher son of John
26 December John Lee
5 January Anne Smallpeece wife of Thomas
11 January Mathew Lee son of Mathew junr
30 January Margaret Crust wife of John
12 February Nicholas Willet [will (not seen), yeoman]
27 February Richard Butcher
1639 5 April Richard Cawley
18 April William Lee [will of Thomas Lee alias Leigh 1632 proved May 1639; tailor; wife Joan; children Thomas, Elizabeth, Nicholas, William, Agnes, Mary, Thomas; property in Beddington & ? here]
27 April Thomas Smallpeece
10 March George Butcher son of John
27 May John Wright son of John
23 June Anne Dimock daughter of John
26 June John Eede
11 November James Rickman
[November Reynold Jackman] [will 26 November, proved 11 January 1639/40; wife Agnes, children William (b.1609), Agnes (b.1628), Joan (b.1631), Mary (b. 1634, d. 1640); leased land at Temple Park]
25 December Christofer Rickman [will 3 June 1628 (sic), proved 7 Feb. 1639/40; wife Alice, sons Thomas and Richard, grandchildren Thomas, Elizabeth, Mary]
11 February William Lewes a vagrant
20 February Elizabeth Taylour wife of Richard
1640 13 May Elizabeth Mathew wife of John
23 December Jane Butcher wife of John
2 January Elizabeth Harman wife of Drew
17 January Susan Lee daughter of John
16 March Marie Jackman daughter of Reynold [who died the previous Nov.; baptised 1634]
1641 31 March Thomas Gardiner son of John [baptised 20 Dec. 1640]
10 April William Constable son of John
29 March Henrie Lee son of Mathew
15 August Marie Bishop wife of John
15 September William Steere son of William [baptised 23 May]
29 September Elizabeth Steere wife of William
1 December Susan Evershed wife of Thomas
28 February Joane Charlewood daughter of Robert [baptised 17 Nov. 1639]
1642 6 June John Bishop
21 June widdow Avelin
23 June Anne Gorrenge daughter of Reinold [baptised Aug. 1633]
25 June Sarah Standbridge daughter of Thomas [baptised Dec. 1640]
25 June George Rickman son of James [baptised Dec. 1637]
9 January John Patrick
3 February Joane Wright daughter of William [baptised June 1640]
22 March Jane Butcher daughter of John [baptised Dec.1640]
1643 19 April John Butcher of Charlewood (as it hath bene accounted for many yeeres) by leave was buried
14 June Richard Charlewood son of Robert [baptised 22 March 1642]
17 June John Smalpeece
23 June Elizabeth Dudeney wife of Thomas
30 September John Harling a Stranger
17 November Richard Machin
1 December Agnes Lilburne
(1643) 17 January Robert Merrell
5 February Ralph Bosier
15 March John Boughton
1644 4 March James Hill son of James [baptised Jan. 1641]
20 May Edward Mathew son of Robert [baptised 28 Jan. 1643]
21 June Edward Charlewood son of Robert [baptised 5 May]
11 July Agnes Mathew daughter of John
3 October John Charelewood
22 November William Gorrenge son of Reinald [baptised March 1626]
11 February William Wheeler son of William [no baptism recorded]
25 February Richard Eede son of Thomas [baptised 6 October]
15 March Anne Dennis daughter of William [baptised Feb. 1643]
11 March Mathew Lee of Capell
1645 26 March John Lee son of Mathew [baptism not recorded]
30 March Thomas Dennis son of William [baptised Feb. 1640]
3 April John Watts a Stranger who died at Henfold was buried…
5 April Thomas Powlesden son of William [baptised Feb. 1643]
10 April Elizabeth Mathew daughter of John [baptised May 1638]
12 May John Weller
8 August Elizabeth Mathew wife of Robert
1646 25 May John Constable son of John [baptised March 1642]
3 June widdow Misbrooke
12 June Richard Raynsford [will Richard Raynesford 4 June, yeoman; no family]
28 September Edward Gardener [will 11 September; widower?, children Edward (b.1608?), John (b.1607 or 1611), Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine, Richard (b.1613), Robert (b.1617), William]
17 January Agnes Tayler wife of Richard
1647 29 August Marie Gardiner daughter of Edward [baptised 18 April]
10 October Sarah Charlewood daughter of Robert [baptised Sept. 1645]
16 October Edward Terrie
16 October Elizabeth Lee daughter of Mathew, at ye same time [baptised Jan. 1646]
1648 5 February widdow Tayler
14 February Frusan Wheeler widdow of Christofer
1 March widdow Butcher ‘The widdow of George Butcher’
1649 23 April Reinold Gorrenge
5 June William Wonham [will, yeoman]
27 June Martha Butler daughter of James [baptised March 1635]
3 July James Evershed son of Thomas [baptised 9 March 1649 or Jan. 1647]
30 October widdow Gadde
10 December Mathew Lee an olde man
19 January John Wakeham [will: miller of Newdigate, died of smallpox, wife Susan (d.1652), children John, Susan, Thomas, Henrie (b.1640, d.1652) and William (b.1645); his wife and Henrie buried together 1652]
4 March William Gardner son of John [baptised Sept. 1642]
1650 7 January widdow Rickman
1651 10 April Robert Gardiner
19 April Sarah Sturges daughter of Henrie [baptised Sept. 1647]
24 June Francis Shoalder?
29 September Katherine Constable wife of John, of Charlwood
16 February Martha Thorp wife of Thomas
6 March Elizabeth Collins daughter of John [?baptised Nov. 1631]
20 March Jeremie Boughton son of John [baptised 17 Sept. 1651]
1652 25 March Thomas Flint
12 April Elizabeth Chandler wife of Nicholas
18 May Susan Wonham [Wakeham] widow of John [Wakeham, died 1649]
18 May Henrie Wakeham son of John (bracketted with above) [baptism 1 July 1640, Henrie Wacombe]
3 June Thomas Dudeney
(1652) 5 June Henrie Carter a stranger
13 August Susan Dairie wife of Mathew
14 August Thomas Constable son of John, of Charlwood [no baptism recorded]
21 August Anne Poulsden wife of Thomas
6 November Mathew Dairie
2 December Margaret Pardoe daughter of John [no baptism rrecorded]
6 December Dorothie Constable daughter of John [baptised April 1651]
18 December Daniel Charlwood son of Robert [no baptism recorded]
30 December Joane Dudeney
6 January Elizabeth Wright daughter of William [baptised Sept. 1633]
16 January William Wright
5 February Thomas Fuller son of John [baptised March 1649]
1653 11 April Jane Fuller daughter of John [baptised Feb. 1651]
13 June Elizabeth Tailour wife of Robert of Capell
2 September George Snow
20 September Marie Thorpe daughter of Thomas [baptised Feb. 1646]
22 December Mathew Lee
1654 29 March Elizabeth Peter daughter of Robert [baptised Oct. 1652]
10 March Nicholas Chantler
27 June Agnes Boughton wife of John
22 August Thomas Gardiner [will (not seen), tanner of Newdigate]
6 February Mathew Lee son of John [no baptism recorded]
2 March Walsingham Gardiner
1655 30 April Susan Dairie
20 July Marie Lee daughter of John
27 August Francis Brian son of Francis
17 September Henrie Younge son of Henrie [baptised June 1654]
2 October Mathew Stanton
26 November Thomas Wheeler son of Henrie
[? Thomas Boughton] [will (not seen, JB summary), yeoman of Newdigate, proved 17 December, burial Rusper, 50s p.a. tto John Boughton, kinsman, for life]
9 January Richard Johnson [will (not seen), yeoman of Newdigate, proved 30 January 1656]
5 February William Woode of Capell
14 March Marie Young daughter of Henrie
1656 4 April Elizabeth Constable daughter of John
28 April Poulsden a daughter born Jan. 27
5 March Alice Deane wife of Edward
1657 25 March Joane Brian daughter of Francis
4 May Richard Dimmock
14 May John Mathew son of Robert
1 September John Wallis senr
(5 October) Edward Deane
22 October Henrie Dickes?
13 November John Wonham sonne of John
25 February widdow Weller The widdow of John …
1658 24 May John Constable senr of Charlwood
20 July Marie Wonham daughter of Christofer
29 July Joane Thorpe wife of John
13 September Peter Bammerfeilde?
15 September Christopher Wheeler
22 October Alice Brian wife of Francis
4 November Richard Lee
6 November Joane Wonham daughter of Thomas
3 December Drew Harmon an old man
8 December Allen Charlewood
28 December Joane Pehnniale? daughter of Richard
(1658) 7 February Henrie Younge
11 February William Wheeler son of Henrie
12 February James Evershed son of Thomas
10 March Elizabeth Boughton daughter of John
20 March Anne Constable wife of Thomas
1659 4 April Anne Weller widdow of William
14 April John Wood son of William of Capell
15 April Allan Wallis [will (not seen), yeoman of Newdigate]
16 April Sarah Bishop widdow of Mathew
18 April Lee the widdow of John Lee
19 April Elizabeth Flint daughter of Thomas [baptised April 10]
10 May John (Foster) an old man [will (not seen)]
19 May Richard Robinson of Capel
1 June John Wheeler son of Henrie
16 June Eede the widdow of John Eede
19 August Joane Peter wife of Robert
29 October Katherine Constable daughter of Thomas
7 December Damaris Tayler wife of Richard
19 December Ester (Hill) wife of James
5 February Marie Wallis daughter of Richard [baptised 1 Jan.]
21 February Sarah Wonham daughter of John Wonham senr
16 March Susanna Charlewood wife of Daniel
1660 16 May Elizabeth Boughton wife of John
24 May William Dennis?
21? November John Mathew [? wife buried 1640]
29 November Agnes Wonham wife of Thomas [? initialled; 3 recent children]
13 December John Constable [new hand; George Steere buried Jan. 1662/3]
19 January James Butler
1661 [? Elizabeth Walles] [will (not seen), widow of Newdigate, proved 1 February]
3 May Marie Collyns wife of John [last child baptised 1637]
24 August Scriven son of John [first entry in registers]
2 October George Dandy son of Thomas [baptised 19 Feb. 1660]
6 November Edward Gardiner [last child baptised 1652]
1662 29 March William Wheeler
31 March Christopher Wood junr
24 April Elizabeth Wickham wife of Nicholas
18 May Mathew Marsh son of John [baptised 27 Aug. 1661 Mersh]
22 May George Wood son of Christopher [baptised March 1660]
7 June Thomas Smallpiece son of Thomas
13 June Mr George Steere [M.A., Rector 1610-1660; will ‘clerk’, inventory. Wife Sarah died 1683/4]
22 June Butcher wife of John
27 June Thomas Smallpiece (senr) [will 20 June, wife Ann, son William, sister Elizabeth, brother James]
9 July Elizabeth Smallpiece daughter of (Thomas)
25 July James Sturges son of Henry
13 October Elizabeth Johnson widow [inventory; will (not seen)]
30 January (Ann) Smallpiece daughter of ye aforesd (Thomas) [4 members of family in 7 months]
5 March (Walter) Wheeler
14 March Wonham a? son of William
21 March (Frances Wonham wife of Richard)
1663 3 June Marie Gardyner wife of Richard
3 June Marie Wonham daughter of Xtopher
(25) June Ann Wonham wife of Xtopher
(1663) 18 August Thomas Backelour [Batchelour]
2 November William Wood son of Xtopher
12 November Rebecca Holland wife of John
14 December John Wonham [daughter born to his wife May 8 1664, wife remarried 19 Jan. 1664]
7 February John Mersh son of John [baptised April 3]
10 February Mary Ede wife of Tho:
1664 18 April Robt Wheeler son of Robt [baptised 28 March]
29 December Margaret Wheeler wife of Henry buried Decembris 290
15 January Thomas Wright
30 January William Mersh son of John [baptised 24 Jan.]
1665 29 March Joan Gardyner daughter of William [baptised 11 March]
22 April Frusan Wood
26 April ? Laker? old – Laker
16 August Grace Collyns daughter of John [baptised 14 Aug.]
26 September Elizabeth Wickham daughter of John ‘7.bris 26’ [26th of 7th month][baptised 16 Sept.]
3 January Thomas Wheeler son of Robert [baptised 8 Dec.]
1666 31 January Elizabeth Woode widdow [no previous entry; will 30 November 1666, widow neé Heather, no children but several brothers and sisters]
16 February Joane Lee widdow [will, 5 un-named daughters m. Wonham, Rich. Gardiner, Wm Gardiner, Stidman, ?Lee, sons George, William, ? 8 grandchildren]
27 February John Bowdon ? = John Bowton
[December Ann Charlwood] [will; widow, children Edward, Susan Woodman, Daniel, grandchildren Susan, Ann, Edward]
1667 15 April Nicholas Wickham
4 August William Godfrey son of William; baptised 2 Aug.
20 September Willm Poulsden
21 September Joane Wright Widdow
1 December Joane Ellis wife of Francis
24 January (Job) Smith son of John
25 January Francis Wonham wife of Thomas
26 January Elizabeth Smith wife of John
1668 (8) October Johanna Mersh daughter of John
8 March John Ascott ‘was buried dying in the parish and paying 6d for breach of ground’
1669 23 September Mary Wheeler
21 October Thomas Wonham
3 January Thomas Dandy
[January? John Pardoe] [of Newdigate, husbandman, to be buried in the churchyard; will proved 9 April 1669; ? wife dead; children Rachel, Elizabeth Terry, Elizabeth Laker, Frances, Thomas]
3 March Elizabeth Budgen wife of Mr. John
5 March John Becket son of Bernard
1670 27 March Joan Yound
1 April John Butcher ? wife died 1662
18 August Betterese Lee daughter of Willm; baptised 16 Aug.
23 July Wickham son of John
3 September (Ric)hard Evershed
(14 Sept) (John) Collins
(will 16 Sept., proved 27 January) (John) (Budgen) [will: gentleman, left poor of Newdigate £5, son Thomas £100 and all household stuff and implements of husbandry, son Edward £1200, son James £1200, daughter Elizabeth £1000, son John executor and residual legatee. Inventory of wearing apparel and money in purse £100, 30 loads timber £600, debts [due to him] £1500, total £2200.]
27 September Thomas Evershed ?married 1643 [will 23 Sept., wife Catherine, children John, William, Hannah, Sarah, Susanna, Thomas; grandchildren Sarah & Susanna.]
14 October Jane Cooke wife of John, daughter baptised same day; ?remarried, daughter born Nov. 1671
16 October Agnes Taylor daughter of Christopher
? October Elizabeth Foster daughter of Nicholas; baptised 1656
7 ?December Elizabeth Beckett daughter of Bernard; baptised 30 Nov.
28 December Dennis Widdow
12 January Somerfield Widdow; first Somerfield in registers
20 January Gorrenge Widdow; ?Agnes, married 1623
22 January Katherine Scriven wife of Thomas; daughter baptised same day
18 February William Smallpeec [inventory, yeoman; will Smallpeece (not seen), yeoman]
1671 (1 September) Frusan Wood daughter of Christopher & Ellenor; baptised 4 June 1670
  [– Richard Pennyall] [will 21 Sept. proved 26 Oct., of Cudworth manor, messuage etc., yeoman, wife Sarah, children Sarah (left ₤500), Richard]
17 March Wickham daughter of John; ?Mary, baptised 30 July
??29 October old John Holland ?married 1631
1672 [? John Budgen] [of Newdigate, will (not seen) proved 27 January]
3 June Charlwood wife of Robt
1673 27 March Giles Wheeler baptised 1649
14 April William (?Wheeler) son of Thomas; baptised Aug. 1669
(25 May) John (Lee) son of William; baptised 4 May
26 June Mabell Flint widow
(27 Nov Henry Frieyars) first Frieyars in registers
16 Feb (William) Heath first Heath in registers
1674 12 May Catherine Evershed Relict of old Thomas
15 July John Bosyer son of John [baprised 28 May, son of John & Mary]
7 January Sarah Lee daughter of William; baptised 29 May 1674
18 March Willm Dandy
1675 15 August Pickom ‘Pickoms child was buried’; first Pickom in registers
[died 1 Sept. Thomas Budgen] [slab discovered 1872(?) under a stove in church: obiit primo die Septembris 167-][will (not seen), yeoman, proved 25 November] [brother of John, M.D.]
18 (Dec) Elizabeth Bamford first Bamford in register
1676 6 April James Hill
5 April William Taylour [twin] sons of Christopher
24 May Anne Stanton daughter of Mathew
6 July William Flint son of Thomas
19 July Anne Marsh daughter of John
13 January Wiliam [sic] Hoomewode son of Elizabeth [bapt. 18 Oct.]
21 March Sarah Grantam daughter of John
1677 28 March Allen Wallis senr [yeoman, inventory,owned Chaffolds?; will (not seen), yeoman]
9 August John Chazeman Mr John Chazeman of St Dunstans parish In ye west London dyed At the Iwood and was buried here August ye 9o
17 May Thomas Lee son of William & Beatrise his wife [bapt. 13 May]
19 August Sarah Gardiner wife of Richard
9 September Mary Bosier daughter of John
9 November Richard Wickham son of John [& Catherine, bapt. 16 Aug.]
1678 11 May Susan Swan daughter of Joseph [& Ann, bapt. 7 May]
22 May John Duffield
[? Timothea Hudson] [will 1676, widow of Thomas, clerk, to be buried at Balcombe Sussex, brother Walter Garston, Sister Elizabeth Burnett, children Thomas & Jane Hudson, Christopher & Eleanor Wood, William, John & George Booth]

These that follow were buried in Woollon [Woollen] According to an Act of Parl….

10 Sept William Gardiner
2 Sept Elizabeth Peter daughter of Edward Buried about September 2 [d. Ed. & Elizabeth, bapt. 17 May]
20 Oct John Peter [will 1678, wife Joan, son Robert (b. 1669), John (b. 1670), Mathew (b. 1672)]
6 Dec (James) Lees son of William [James Lee s. William & Beatrice bapt. 1 Dec]
26 Mar (Elizabeth) Constable daughter of Thomas [& Margaret, bapt. 2 April 1676]
[? Henry Sturgis] [will 1671/2, husbandman, sons John, William]
1679 23 Apr (William Lee) [will, wife Beatrice, son William]
21 June (Henry Marden) (son of Robert) [& Sarah, bapt. 20 June]
1 Sept Susan Parsons daughter of John, ‘September 1 1678’ [? Susanna d. John, bapt. 2 Aug. 1677]
10 Mar John Collins 1679
14 Aug Henry Swan son of Joseph
29 Dec Bridget Cooke daughter of John
1680 6 Apr John Bozyer son of John [& Mary, baptised 3 Feb.]
13 Apr Mathew Misbrooke
24 Apr Jane Morley wife of Thomas
1 July Sarah Pardoe daughter of Thomas Pardoe of Capel
9 July Elizabeth Tydie daughter of John
– Aug –   – Taylor The Two sons of Mathew Taylors were buried in August 1680 [no bapt.]
2 Sept Jane Godfrey daughter of William [& Frusan, baptised 29 Aug.]
8 Sept Thomas Pardoe of Capel
10 Oct John Hetherington Mr
12 Oct Edward Heather
25 Oct Edee Ward
4 Dec Ann Bozyer daughter of Richard [& Beatrice, baptised 29 Nov.]
24 Dec Misbrooke Widdow Misbrooke aged 90
29 Jan Elizabeth Bennet daughter of William [& Ann baptised 9 Jan.]
1 Mar Richard Chownings servant of Jo. Bozyer
24 Mar Susanna Dennys daughter of William [baptised 6 March]
1681 8 April John Peter
24 Apr Christopher Taylour
26 Apr Elizabeth Peter wife of Edward
3 May Mary Peter daughter of Edward [baptised Oct. 9 1680]
9 May Mary Ellis daughter of Francis
17 June Francis Ellis [miller, inventory]
6 July Edward Pledge
24 Oct George Smalpeice son of James [& Ann baptised 16 Oct.]
28 Nov Elizabeth Tharpe wife & niece of Thomas
[16 Jan. George Booth] gent., inventory, ? Clarks; will (not seen), gent.]
3 Feb John Gassen of London
1682 11 May Sarah Chandler wife of Edward
(13 May) Christopher Wood yeoman [inventory; will (not seen)]
(7 Jun) (John) (Warren) son of Henry
2 July Mary Bozyer wife of John (d. 1684), died in childbed June the 30th and was Buried July the 2nd [child Ann buried 20 September, John died 1684]
20 Sept Ann Bozyer daughter of John [baptised 2 July, mother see above]
30 Sept Elleoner Wood widdow [will (not seen), Elianor]
12 Dec Ann Bozyer daughter of Ralph and Mary his wife [baptised July 2]
16? Dec Katherine Wickham wife of John
20 Dec Richard Sayers son of Richard
27 Mar Henry Warren [?husband of Susanna]
1683 27 May Allice Dandy [no other record]
31 July Richard Gardener [?m. Mary 1656; will dated 19 August!, daughter Mary, son William]
28 Dec William Limden son of Thomas ‘and an affid brought ….[illegible][no baptism, ?infant]
3 Jan Dorothy Constable Widdow was buried 3rd of January & one Affidavit brought ye 4th …’ [?m. John 1643, ? he died 1658 or 1660]

[The winter of 1683-4 was an exceptionally cold one.]

16 Feb Sarah Steer [Steere] Mrs Steer Widdow was buried ye 16th February & … Affid: brought… [illegible]’ [Widow of George, Rector, died 1662; at Clarks, or part of it?]
1684 [? Thomas Evershed] [yeoman of Newdigate, will (not seen) proved 5 May]
[? John Bosier] [of Newdigate, yeoman, will 4 Sept. proved 1 Dec.; (b. 1632?); wife dead (d.1682), sons George (b.1675), Mathew (b.1678); brothers Ralph (b.1642), Richard (b.1635), Mathew, sister Ann (b.1639)]
[? Thomas Stedman] [of Newdigate, yeoman, will 24 July proved 24 Dec., siblings Richard, Edward & Mary, cousin Edward]
1685 17 May Katherine Coriven and an affidavit brought…[illegible]
2 June John Stasine a stranger [ditto]
15 Aug Annie Wonham daughter of Christopher [b. 1668]
31 Jan Susanna Nicholas spinster [no other record]
10 Mar Robert Peter [will, children Susan, John, Jane, Mary (b.1645), Ruth (b.1650), Joseph (b.1647)]
1686 29 July Stanton Mathew Stantons wife [no marriage]
9 Dec Marion Taylour [recorded after next entry]
12 Dec Mary Taylour [only baptisms 1617 and 1671]
9 Jan Susanna Dennis wife of John, affidavit brought …[John remarried 1695]
13 Mar Sarah Mercer daughter of Elias, affid…[also spelt Messer]
1687 John Mersh [will 28 April 1686 proved 9 Sept. 1687, wife Joan (d.1689), children Mathew, Henry, Joan, Jane; brother Mathew, sisters ?, Joan]
Ralph Bosier [?bapt. 1642, m. Marie Constable 7 Sept. 1669, five children born 1670-1683]
25 Feb Mary Parson daughter of John [?baptised 1670]
26 Feb Elizabeth Hounsome wife of Thomas
1688 28 Aug Catherine Peter widow affidavit brought September 8th 1688 [neé Mersh m. Richard Peter of Ockley 11 May 1680, his burial not in register]
8 Oct Sarah Pennyall widow [inventory; will (not seen), (? Cudworth)]
27 Nov Ann Pledge
(29 Jan) Elizabeth Holman daughter of John [baptised 13 January dau. Joseph]
12 Feb – [Mary] Fisher widdow [no burial of husband; will 18 Jan. proved 2 May, brother Edward Peter, ? his children John, Edward, Mary]
(3 Mar) Martha Flint wife of Thomas [nee Giles, m. 15 Sept. 1679]
23 Mar John Collins
1689 26 Apr Robert Ede son of Robert [Robert s. ?Richard bapt.[entry deleted] 1 Jan 1687]
12 June Susanna Warren
16 June William Tydy [will William Tidy, husbandman, named Butchens Garden]
10 Nov Thomas Chantler son of Edward [no baptism]
25 Nov William Gardiner
17 Mar Joan Mersh widow [husband John died 1687; will 22 Jan. 1689/90, proved 3 April 1690]
1690 8 April Elizabeth Sturges widow
4 July Mary Palmer Widow
28 Aug William Holman son of Joseph [bapt. 3 Aug.]
19 Sept Frances Horley an infant daughter of Richard [bapt. 23 June]
8 Oct John Naylor ye son of John Naylor and Mary his wife [bapt. 10 Aug.]
7 Nov William Crayner a servant to ye Widow Hampden
11 Nov Mary Johnson a servant to Thomas Flint
1690/1 22 Jan Mary Heather
1691 8 April Sarah Vicaridge servt to Xtopher Wonham
14 Oct Mary Smallpeice an infant daughter of James Smallpeice [& Ann, bapt. 6 Oct.]
21 Oct Bartholomew Smallpeece son of James Smallpeece [bapt. 1689]
23 Mar Mary Jordan daughter of Richard [bapt. 6 April]
1692 10 Apr Thomas Tharpe an antient man
22 May John Moore son of Joseph [baptised 14 May]
4 June John Bosher [not identified: John s. Ralph b. 1632 d. 1684; John s. Ralph & Mary b. 1672, d. 1674; John s. John & Mary b. + d. 1674; ditto b. 1679, d. 1680; others all later]
29 June James Chandler son of Edward Chander [baptised Chauntler 21 Feb 1691/2]
11 Aug John Tidy
25 Aug John Naylard son of John [& Mary, bapt. 31 Oct. 1691]
3 Feb Robert +


Harper twin sons of Henry Harper [baptised 30 Jan.]
[1693] 3 April Charles Jordan an antient man
18 Apr Matthew Stanton
31 May Mary Weller
4 July William Tidy son of Joseph [baptised 8 June]
[14 Sept. John Chelsham] [at Capel, of Oxley Pare.] [Will 26 Aug. 1693, proved 15 June 1694; wife Elizabeth Wood (living 1688, pre-deceased him, no burial here); apparently no children or other relatives. Beameland & Godswaynes not in his will, left in the court rolls to James Ede, yeoman, of Newdigate.]
Lee The widdow Lee buried –
1694 16 Apr John Fisher son of Thomas [baptised 11 April]
6 May Abraham Holman son of Joseph [Hodman?; baptised Abraham Hollman 4 May]
14 May William Lee [yeoman, will 4 May proved 7 June, mother Beatrice Bosher, various relations but no children]
31 Oct John Fuller Clarke of this Parish
24 Dec Thomas Collins
28 Jan Thomas Flint
9 Jan Ann Bennet [date as given]
21 Feb Alice Wallis
17 Mar Elizabeth Hollman
1695 19 Jun Elizabeth Tidy
1696 6 Apr Elizabeth [Fisher] daughter of Thomas
18 May John Dennis son of John
1 July Thomas Steadman an Antient man [will 10 Dec. 1692 proved 27 Nov. 1696, children Edward, Mary, Richard]
22 Dec Thomas Kempson son of Henry
20 [Jan] James Bishop son of James
1697 26 Mar Richard [Bosher] senior [Richard Bosier, yeoman: will 15 March 1696/7 proved 1 June 1697; wife Beatrix, sister Ann, brother Ralph, (brother John d. 1684)]
  25 Apr [Robert Matthew] an Antient man
  13 May [James Bishop]
  [29 May James Wilson]
  [5 Nov John Taylour son of William]
  [9 Nov Isiah Kempson an ancient man]
  [14 Jan Susannah Jordan]
  [6 Mar Mary Parsons]
1698 31 Oct John Pinion
  8 Mar John Tharpe
1699 [31 Mar] John Colbron son of William, Curate, and Jane his wife
  [31 Mar Jane Colbron [see above]
  17 Apr James Gardner son of Edward
  5 May Matthew Easter a Parish boy
  23 May Thomas Mersh [will Thomas Marsh, 20 May 1699 proved 14 Sept. 1704, yeoman, wife Ann neé Wonham, children Mary, Ann, one unborn]
  16 July William Tidie son of Joseph
  16 Jan Elizabeth Hawley [Horley]
  7 Feb John Taylor
  11 Mar William Duffel
  20 Mar James Ede yeoman [will (not seen), yeoman of Newdigate, proved 4 June 1700; Cudworth and Beameland / Godswaynes]
1700 12 May Mary Chandler daughter of Edward, Labourer
  16 Sept Mary Naylor wife of John
  9 Mar John Taylor son of William
1701 29 Apr Ann Rumsey daughter of George
  18 July Thomas Hounsom Quaker was buried at Reigate
11 Dec Christopher Wonham yeoman [will 23 Oct. 1694, proved 26 Jan. 1701/2; wife Eleanor, children Elizabeth, Margaret Woolfe, Thomas yeoman]
3 Feb Henry Wheeler Labourer A Quaker died here & buried att Capel
20 Mar Elizabeth Morley wife of William, Labourer
1702 26 Mar Elizabeth Palmer servant maid
26 Apr Mary Rumsey wife of George
27 May Thomas Whale Labourer
17 July Mary Wonham wife of Thomas
5 Aug Alice Stanton sister of Matt. Stanton
15 Sept Thomas Wonham yeoman
15 Dec Beatrice Bosher widdow
[30 Jan] Sarah Batchelor wife of Nicholas of Rarisho [Ranjlio?] of Rusper
2 Mar Hannah Batchelor daughter of Nicolas of Rusper
1703 21 Apr Catherine Hauley daughter of Ric[hard] Hawley
  11 May Mary Wonham an Orphan Child
  24 May John Cooke son of John
  [deleted: John son of John Duffel]
  22 June Thomas Constable ‘Old Thomas Constable’
  19 July John Nichols
  4 Dec James Baldwin son of John
  10 Dec William Godfrey Farmer
  30 Jan Mary Lifford Widdow
  [? Thomas Marsh] [yeoman, will 1699 proved 1704, wife Ann pregnant, children Mary, Ann; brother-in-law Thomas Wonham]
[1705 June William Cumber] [will 10 June proved 6 July, yeoman, of Butts, wife Sarah, children William, Ann, Sarah]
1706 25 Mar Anne Dale wife of John, a poor man relieved by the parish [married 1674]
5 May Sarah Fisher daughter of Thomas [aged 3]
7 Aug Mary Wood daughter of John of East Grinstead, Sussex
3 Sept John Wood son of Thomas [baptised 11 July]
11 Sept Sarah Gardner daughter of John, carpenter [baptised 27 Aug.]
17 Sept John Smith poor man relieved by the parish
3 Nov Mary Burbery daughter of John [aged 7 months]
19 Nov Phillippa Morley wife of Thomas, poor man relieved by the parish
22 Jan Mary Morley wife of William, day labourer [married 1704]
1 Mar Mary Parson daughter of John [baptised 27 Feb.]
1707 2 Apr Elizabeth Woodman wife of William, poor man relieved by the parish
5 Aug John Grantham of Leigh
9 Feb John Everside day labourer
1708 5 May Richard Wallis poor man relieved by the parish
8 May Mary Cresy wife of John of Ockley [married 1707]
10 Sept John Dale poor man relieved by the parish
1709 30 Mar Eleanor Wonham wife of Christopher
13 May Anne Duffel daughter of John senior [aged 1½]
16 June Susan Street wife of John
27 Aug Mary Morley wife of William, day labourer [married 1704]
30 Sept Thomas Willson poor man relieved by the parish [?wife Sarah died 1717]

[the winter of 1709 was ‘The Great Cold’, a terrible winter all over Europe]

17 Mar William Taylor son and infant of William, poor man relieved by the parish [aged 4 mths]
1710 29 Apr George Bosher son of George [aged 1, bapt. 30 March 1709]
5 July Anne Wood daughter of Thomas and Anne [aged 1]
10 Jan Benjamin Trodd son of Daniel [baptised 2 days before]
16 Jan Amy Gardner daughter of Edward [aged 4]
6 Mar Joan Limbden wife of Thomas, butcher [married 1679]
21 Mar William Tayler poor man relieved by the parish
1711 24 Apr William Dennis senior
4 May Margaret Constable poor widow relieved by the parish
23 Dec Alice Mathews poor widow relieved by the parish
11 Feb Frances Constable wife of Joseph
16 Feb Mary Tidy daughter of John
16 Feb Anne Tidy daughter of John
5 Mar Mary Smith a poor widow relieved by the parish
16 Mar Anne Bosher daughter of Richard [baptised 29 Feb.]
1712 2 May Anne Wallis daughter of John, pauper [aged 2]
28 Aug William Wallis son of John, a poor man [baptised 3 August]
7 Oct Mary Barber servant of Thomas Wood
1 Nov Thomas Jordan servant of Thomas Wood
18 Nov Ann Bowman daughter of Joseph
29 Nov William Morley of this parish
18 Dec Francis Ledger a poor man
6 Jan Philip Bannings
11 Jan Thomas Morley senior, a poor man
17 Mar Mary Pinion of Capel
1713 29 Mar Sarah Wood daughter of Thomas [baptised 11 March]
24 May Sarah Bosher daughter of George [aged 1½]
10 Feb John Trod son of Daniel [aged 1]
1714 19 Apr Joseph Palmer of Horley
28 May Thomas Chandler son of Edward [aged 10]
25 July Mary Taylor daughter of William [aged 12, father a labourer]
26 Sept Sarah Avenel daughter of John [baptised 23 September]
16 Mar James Duffel son of John [baptised 6 June 1714, father a pauper]
24 Mar Joan Warren wife of Henry
1715 28 Mar William Wonham
11 May Mary Pledge daughter of Edward [baptised 30 March]
26 May William Fisher son of Thomas [baptised 1708]
4 Dec Joseph Swan
[? Sarah Morton] [will (not seen), widow of Newdigate, proved 8 December]
24 Jan Sarah Wallis wife of John
6 Mar Richard Tayler servantman
9 Mar Joseph Peter son of Robert
23 Mar John Bull son of Henry
1716 26 Mar Mary Cook wife of John
2 May James Wallis son of John [baptised 1714]
29 May John Wallis
11 Aug John Parson senior
12 Oct Rachel Bull wife of Henry
5 Dec Judith Mercer wife of Elias
19 Jan Nicholas Batchillor
9 Feb Mary Kitchin daughter of Edward [baptised 5 Feb.]
16 Mar William Chandler son of John [baptised 1691]
1717 28 May Sarah Willson widow [?husband Thomas died 1709, poor]
4 Dec Thomas Bennet son of William [?aged 38]
21 Mar Fruzan Ede wife of Robert
1718 1 Apr Mary Duffel daughter of John [aged 17]
22 June Joseph Peter son of Joseph [aged 1]
27 June William Woodman [wife died 1707, poor]
12 Aug John Dennis senior
4 Sept Jane Dennis wife of John junior [married 1716]
24 Oct widow Nitingale quondam comber [‘formerly Comber’]
2 Nov Sarah Tobut daughter of John [baptised July 1717]
17 Dec Susannah Bosher daughter of Richard [aged 9]
24 Dec John Bosher son of Richard [aged 10, second child in a fortmight]
10 Jan John Finch son of John [aged 5]
23 Jan Rebecca Duffel daughter of John [second child in 8 months, no baptism recorded]
23 Jan Susan Finch daughter of John [no baptism recorded, second child in a fortnight]
1 Feb Elizabeth Lance daughter of Ralph [aged 19]
16 Feb Sarah Lance daughter of Ralph [aged 4, second child in a fortnight]
26 Feb John Dennis son of John [aged 1½]
1719 4 Apr Edward Chandler
12 May Philip Palmer son of John [baptised 4 days before]
24 May Richard Wolph son of John [aged 8]
4 June Elizabeth Peter wife of Joseph [married 1705?]
8 July Bridget Wonham widow
4 Sept Mary Hill wife of Mr John
16 Dec Joan Peter wife of John
1 Feb John Moor Antipedobaptist
8 Feb Mathew Lambert
13 Feb James Duffel son of John [aged 1]
5 Mar Mary Booker daughter of Moses [‘of Capel’ when married, no baptism recorded]
23 Mar John Thorp
1720 9 May Mary Sturges daughter of John [baptised 5 days before]
1 June Anne Stone wife of Benjamin junior
14 Oct Mary Thorp daughter of Widow Thorp
15 Nov Elizabeth Peter daughter of Joseph [aged 11]
20 Jan Robert Peter
10 Mar Sarah Stedman daughter of Edward of Capel [no baptism recorded]
1721 16 May Elizabeth Pledge daughter of Edward [aged 2 months]
14 June Anne Ede wife of William [?married 1703]
23 June Susan Flint wife of Thomas
25 Sept George Bosher [aged c.46, son of John & Mary, baptised 26 Dec. 1675]
14 Oct widow Moor [widow of John, died 1719?]
22 Nov Henry Warren
1722 7 Apr John Peter
29 Apr Joan Lance wife of Ralph
15 May Anne Chandler wife of John
24 Sept Joseph Peter of Park Gate [?married 1705, ?wife died 1719]
24 Sept Anne Dandy wife of Thomas
5 Dec Anne Wonham wife of William
12 Jan John Bennet son of William [aged 22]
1723 8 Nov Anne Finch daughter of John [aged 9]
6 Dec Thomas Limbden [aged 2 or 42]
21 Dec Thomas Wood [memorial F1: yeoman, died 18 December in his 57th year; wife Ann died 1737 (F2); no baptism, will 27 Jan. 1718/9 proved 5 May 1724, yeoman, wife Ann, sons Thomas (died 1737, F3), William, John]
1724 16 June Grace Lambert widow
23 July Joseph Tidy son of Joseph junior [baptised 15 July, eldest child, younger siblings also died soon after birth]
28 July Mary Dandy wife of James
27 Aug Mary Trod daughter of Daniel [aged 7]
5 Sept Benjamin Wells son of Henry [no baptism recorded]
20 Oct Jane Stedman wife of Edward
30 Nov Anne Moor
1725 [? James Cox] [yeoman, will proved 13 May 1725, wife Rebecca, sons Thomas & John]
6 Apr Frances Dennis widow
17 June John Cook
21 Aug John Bosher son of Richard [baptised 20 April]
4 Sept Fruzan Godfrey wife of William [married 1665?]
12 Oct John Tidy son of Joseph junior [baptised 7 October, second child born and died]
3 Jan Sarah Burbery wife of John [?married 1756 under age]
23 Feb Ralph Lance
1726 5 April Thomas Dandy
28 Apr Thomas Ede [will, yeoman, wife Jane, children John, Mary, Thomas, Elizabeth, William]
17 June Richard Stedman [will 8 March proved 13 Oct.; yeoman, ? Halesbridge, wife Ann, children Richard, Thomas, Ann, Sarah]
27 July Edward Stedman of Capel
8 Oct John Pinion
[Nov. Richard Bourne] [will 10 March, inventory 18 Nov., proved 4 Feb. 1727; yeoman; sister Mary; second wife Elizabeth; children Richard, Mary. Tiny house with un-named room, kitchen, buttery; contents £16 but £457 due on mortgage and bond, and £30 due on bills.]
12 Jan Richard Tidy son of Joseph [baptised 7 January, 3rd baby to die]
12 Oct William Ede [misplaced in copying in the register]
1727 20 Jan Mary Steer of Dorking
21 Aug Mary Batchelor
23 Aug William Collins [aged 53?]
8 Nov Ann Wonham [?epidemic: 5 deaths in 3 weeks: Thomas Wonham died 2 weeks later]
19 Nov Ann Bristow [mother of Elias who died a week later?]
23 Nov Thomas Wonham [Ann Wonham died 2 weeks before; will 18 Nov. proved 10 May; yeoman, including Hales Close]
26 Nov Elias Bristow [aged 3?, mother died a week before?]
27 Nov William Comber
16 Dec Frances Pledge [aged 15]
1728 26 Aug Anne Tidy daughter of Joseph junior [baptised 29 Aug, buried 26 Aug!, fourth baby to die]
8 Sept Thomas Limbden [aged 7 or 47?]
16 Sept Mary Warren [aged 32?]
19 Sept Sarah Taylor [married 1695?]
10 Oct Susannah Nailar daughter of John [aged 28?]
20 Nov Solomon Wright
10 Jan Mary Wolph daughter of John [aged 15]
2 Feb Thomas Sturges son of John [aged just 3]
2 Mar George Bristow
[? Thomas Budgen] [will not seen, yeoman]
1729 29 Mar Sarah Ede widow, of Dorking
20 Apr Elizabeth Sturges daughter of John [aged 5 months]
26 Apr Richard Wales son of Richard [twin, aged 9]
11 June Richard Kibben [last child baptised in May]
11 July Thomas Ede of Capel [will 10 March proved 7 March 1731/2; yeoman of Aldhouse]
20 July Mary Dennis daughter of William [aged 14]
11 Aug Ann Pinion widow [? epidemic: 8 deaths in 3 weeks, and 2 more in September]
12 Aug Thomas Beadle son of Wiliam [aged 14 months]
12 Aug William Tidy son of Joseph senior [aged 21]
13 Aug Richard Fisher son of Thomas [aged 29]
19 Aug Anne Constable daughter of Joseph [aged 21]
26 Aug John Tidy son of Joseph senior [aged 29]
30 Aug John Tidy son of Joseph junior [aged 8+ days, fifth baby to die, baptised 22 Aug.]
31 Aug William Batchelor
10 Sept Anne Trodd daughter of Daniel [aged 18 months]
11 Sept Robert Strong of Lewes who fell sick here
1730 10 May Sarah Ede wife of William of J(aywood) [Ewood?]
22 May Jane Runsy wife of George
3 June Richard Parsons [aged 62?; will 30 May proved 18 June, husbandman, brother John, sister Elizabeth Humphrey; ? Blanks]
24 June Joseph Peters [will 3 Oct, 1728, proved 16 June; yeoman, wife Mary (died 6 months later), children Mary Weller, Sarah Wheeler, James, Joseph]
1 July Jane Ede [? aged 8]
3 July Elizabeth Ede
8 July Sarah Bosher daughter of Richard [& Sarah, aged c.29, baptised 25 April 1701]
6 Aug Thomas Ward
17 Sept Jane Constable wife of Joseph
12 Oct William Bennet
13 Oct Richard Horley
22 Dec Mary Peters widow [of Joseph died in June?]
30 Dec William Tidy son of Joseph junior [baptised 22 December, sixth baby to die]
4 Jan Sarah Tobut wife of John [married 1710]
6 Jan Mary Apted wife of Richard of Charlwood
24 Feb Anne Stedman wife of William of Capel
12 Mar William Kibben [? aged 18 months]
1731 24 May Sarah Moor
13 June James Norris son of James [2 weeks after baptism]
13 Nov Sarah Peter [aged 16?]
12 Dec Jane Tidy wife of Joseph senior
12 Feb Thomas Ede of Capel
1732 5 Apr William Wallis [will 20 August 1723 (sic) proved 6 April 1732, yeoman, siblings John & Mary]
9 Apr Sarah Billinguest
25 Apr Mary Dale
2 May Richard Turner son of Samuel [baptised 28 April]
30 July John Palmer
21 Aug William Trodd son of Daniel [aged just 7]
4 Dec Thomas Bowyer senior
6 Dec Thomas Clowser servant to Robert Thomson
22 Dec John Hill of Reigate
31 Dec Ann Wales
1733 25 Mar John Duffield
5 Aug Ann Tidy wife of Joseph [all six children had died as babies very soon after birth]
22 Aug widow Fletcher
5 Sept Thomas Batchelor son of Thomas
10 Sept James Limden [? born 1691, aged 42]
19 Sept Mary Fisher wife of Thomas [married 1692]
20 Oct Robert Ede
21 Oct Ann Stedman of Capel
5 Dec Catherine Marsh of Dorking
14 Jan John Tobutt [married 1710; will 12 March 1732/3, miller; children Thomas (miller?), Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, John; Shellwood windmill & ?Ewood mill; brother Thomas (farmer?)]
1734 18 July Elizabeth Bickerton wife of William, Rector was buried in the chancel within the rails about the middle [tablet Z4 in church: daughter of Edward Collins, merchant of Konigsberg; ‘who for her exemplary piety unbounded charity and great humility as well as many other excellent qualities was deservedly admired and beloved by all that knew her, and at her death equally lamented’; died 14 July aged 31 yrs 7 mths; couplet.]
13 Sept Mary Bull of Horsham
7 Dec Mary Batchelor daughter of Thomas of Charlwood
10 Jan Mary Bowyer
28 Jan Mary Eversed
1735 25 Apr Elias Messer [child baptised 1686]
15 July William Humphry son of Richard [baptised 11 July]
10 June Thomas Bish[op?] [out of order]
13 Aug Jane Cook
12 Sept Anne Stedman
11 Nov Judith Tidy/ Hopkins bastard daughter of Martha Hopkins, reputed father Joseph Tidy [baptised a week before]
5 Dec Matthew Bristow [children baptised 1710-1726]
7 Jan John Duffel
10 Mar William Constable son of William of Capel
1736 10 May Sarah Norris wife of James [married 1720, children baptised 1726, 1731]
3 June Ann March
8 June Mary Stedman
15 June Thomas Brown
2 Sept William Wonham senior
25 Sept Mary Palmer
29 Sept James Dandy
30 Nov Catherine Horly
1 Nov Anne Naylor
9 Nov Rebecca Cox of Ockley
5 Dec Sarah Finching of Capel
17 Jan Sarah Bennet [? married 1695]
1737 16 Apr Thomas Wood [memorial F3: aged 32, died 13 April, son of Thomas (died 1723) and Ann (died 5 weeks later); bapt. 20.11.1704]
21 May Ann Wood [memorial F2: aged 59; died 18 May, widow of Thomas, yeoman, who died 1723 (F1); son Thomas died 5 weeks earlier (F3); will 6 May proved 24 May; children John, William, James, Elizabeth Coverly]
25 Nov Elizabeth Nye
1 Dec John Rogers of Betchworth
12 Mar John Chandler [will 1735, proved 10 April 1738; wife Elizabeth, children John, Ann, William]
1738 9 Apr Richard King son of William [aged c.2 months]
3 May John Pinnion
30 Oct Charity Wolph daughter of John [aged 14]
23 Jan Mary Brown widow of Horsham
24 Mar Sarah Norris [baptised 1724, aged 14]
1739 8 Sept Thomas Fisher [? children 1694-1710]
28 Sept widow Bristow [? of George, died 1728]
29 Sept Jane Chandler
22 Oct Joseph Constable
13 Jan widow Wonham
27 Feb Chandler wife of William
1740 29 Mar John Duffel son of Thomas [aged c.2½ months]
11 June Sarah Sturges
13 June John Budgen M.D. [wife Elizabeth née Ede buried 2/1/1768]
14 June Richard Norris son of James [aged 18]
21 June James Dennis son of William junior
26 July Sarah King daughter of William [aged 1½]
24 Nov William Sturges [wife Catherine died 1742]
30 Jan James Tugwale [born 1708?]
17 Feb Mary Dennis widow
25 Feb John Coleman son of a traveller
8 Mar Anne Beedle wife of William [married 1717]
1741 17 Aug Elizabeth Wallis
19 Aug Hannah Weller daughter of George and Sarah [no baptism]
17 Oct John Wales son of Richard [aged 19; mother died 2 weeks later]
20 Oct James Nye son of James
20 Oct Anne Ede wife of William [son died 2 weeks before, children baptised 1717-1729]
7 Nov Mary Wales wife of Richard
11 Nov John Street [no baptism]
28 Jan John Palmer son of William and Dinah [no baptism]
2 Feb Ann Palmer daughter of William and Sarah [no baptism, unless d. Wm & Dinah born 29 July 1735]
28 Dec Mary Tidy wife of Thomas [children baptised 1733-1740]
1742 7 Apr Elizabeth Constable daughter of William and Rebecca
8 Apr Jane Lucas widow
22 Apr Thomas Tidy son of Thomas and Mary [aged c.16 months]
5 June Catherine Sturges widow of William [died 1740]
8 July widow Peter
27 Aug John Longhurst
14 Nov Elizabeth Wall wife of James
1743 24 Apr Anne Batchellor wife of Edward
3 June Mary Pledge wife of Edward [married 1710]
13 July Elizabeth Capon wife of Robert [son died 7 months later]
7 Sept Mary Summerfield wife of Richard
6 Jan John Avenel
19 Feb Robert Capon son of Robert [aged 14 months]
9 Mar John Bishop
18 Mar Hannah Hart widow
1744 7 May George Tidy son of John and Mary [baptised 3 days before]
19 July Sarah Duffell wife of Thomas [child baptised 1739; Thomas ?remarried 1747, and widowed again 1748]
13 Oct John Naylor aged 81
11 Nov John Bowyer aged 62 [will 16 Oct. proved 28 Nov.; children John, Mary Forreigner (widow)]
25 Dec Edward Pledge
9 Mar Mary Dale wife of Joseph, aged 73
1745 3 Apr Sarah Humphrey Daughter of John and Sarah Abt. 1 Year 5 Months of Age
[10] May Rebecca Constable Wife of Willm Constable of Capel
29 June Ann Constable Daughter of William of Capel
5 July Elizabeth Taylor Wife of James
25 Sept Joseph Tidy
11 Dec Elizabeth Dennis ye Daughter of Sarah Dennis Widow
21 Dec John Burberry Senr [will yeoman. Memorial B30: died 17 Dec., in his 80th year. No Burberrys in baptisms until 1706; ? first generation to live in parish.]
9 Feb Martha Parsons ye Wife of John
1 Mar John Dennis
7 Mar Mary Bishop ye Wife of Thomas
[signed Hen Duckworth]
1746 2 Apr Elizth Biggs Daughter of Thos and Ann
8 May William Peter of ye Parish of Ridgwick
11 May Ann Tobutt Wife of Thos
24 Jan George Tate
8 Mar George Capon Son of Daniel and Jane [bapt. 27 Feb.]
[signed Henry Duckworth Curate]
1747 28 Aug Mary Biggs
13 Sept John Wall of St Andrews in London
6 Oct John Parsons
19 Nov Abraham Chandler Son of William and Elizabeth was buried. No Affidavit brought the 26. Notice thereof given to the Church=warden the 27
3 Dec Thomas Tobut [will 25 November proved 18 Jan. 1747/8; miller; wife Mary, children James]
15 Feb Jane Capon the Wife of Daniel
2 Mar Richard Wales
1748 9 Apr Sarah Tidy the Daughter of John and Mary
12 Apr John Smith
25 Apr John Street
28 June Mary Street Daughter of John and Sarah
31 Jan Richard Ede
2 Mar Sarah Duffel wife of Thomas
3 Mar Mary Bull
23 Mar Sarah Risbridger [not known, not the daughter of Thomas & Sarah]
1749 14 Apr John Baldwin
10 May Elizabeth Sceate
4 July Elizabeth Bigs [Biggs] Daughter of Thomas and Ann
1749 9 Jan Sarah Tidy Daughter of Thomas and Sarah
1750 3 Apr Daniel Trod
21 Apr John Finch
10 May Ann Sayers Daughter of John and Sarah
27 May Sarah Smith Wife of Richard [née Ward, married 1746]
27 May Richard Smith Son of Richard were both buried [mother and baby, baptised 2 days earlier]
5 June Elizabeth Duffel
11 July John Batchelor
15 Oct James Morton Son of Richard Morton Esqr & Mary his Wife
3 Feb Mary Kitchen Widow of –
7 Mar Ann Stedman
24 Mar Mary Sturges the Wife of John
[? Daniel Charlwood] [Quaker burial, Pleystowe register, JB index cards]
1751 31 Mar Richard Summerfield
5 [Apr] Joanna Duffel the Wife of Willm
23 [June] Henry Bull
[24 June] Hannah Moore
20 July Jane Nye Daughter of Thos and Ann [aged just 1]
25 Oct Susanna Finch of the Parish of Leigh
11 Nov John Ward [will 6 April, proved 10 Feb. 1752; wife Sarah, children Thomas, John, Sarah (deceased) owned Launces]
1752 2 Jan ThoS Launce
17 Jan Henry Randal Son of Isaac & Mary [aged 1½]
30 Jan Richard Stedman
9 Mar Henry Tullet Son of Willm [aged c.5½, baptised 21 Sept 1746]
10 Mar Willm Risbridger [wife Sarah buried 5 May]
1 Apr Elizabeth Launce Wife of Thos
3 Apr William Lawrence
9 Apr George Buggs Son of George and Sarah
14 Apr William Burberry [will 22 May 1750, proved 18 May 1752; brothers John, Thomas]

Doubtful memorial B29: son of John and Sarah, died – April aged ? 16 (pencil comment: 50, but not in baptisms register, John and Sarah’s first child here baptised 1756)]

27 Apr Sarah Smith
5 May Sarah Risbridger [widow of William, buried 10 March]
18 May John Sayers [will 10 May 1751 proved 8 June 1752; butcher, wife Sarah d. 1767]
23 May William Dennis
25 Aug William Street [baptised 8 December 1751, son of widow Street]
1753 10 Feb John Nye [aged 1½ and son of Thomas & Ann, unless this was an unknown adult]
17 May Joseph Holman
11 July John Risbridger
17 Sept Frances Ward Widow
26 Sept Elizabeth Goodinge Daughter of Samuel Goodinge Curate
11 Oct Ann Finch Wife of Thomas
25 Nov Joseph Weller Son of George & Sarah
1754 17 Feb Edward Bond
5 May Robert Semer
21 May Henry Sturges
6 June John Baldwin [2 days after baptism]
1755 10 May Thomas Lawrence
14 May Mary Gad Daughter of William
15 May Rebecca Dennis
14 June Hannah & Eleanor Bray Daughters of Thomas and Elizabeth were both buried [Hannah aged 4, Eleanor aged 1¼]
2 Sept Rebecca Charlwood
1756 7 Feb Elizabeth Kitchen Daughter of John and Amy [aged c.6 weeks]
22 Feb A Traveller Woman whose Maiden Name was Catherine Brown was buried
[10 Mar] Elizabeth Chandler
[11 Mar] [Ann] Trod Widow
25 May Ann Nye Wife of Thomas
29 May Sarah Ward Widow [will 2 Dec. 1755 proved 17 June 1756; children Thomas, Sarah Smith deceased, John; granddau. Elizabeth Smith; owned 2 tenements (not Launces, bought from Jn Bowyer in 1753)]
7 June George Weller
30 June Jenny Cheasmear the Daughter of William and Hannah [aged c.8 weeks]
11 July Jane Worsfold Daughter of John and Jane
31 Aug Thomas Bull
15 Nov Mary Humphry Wife of Richard
10 Dec Henry Goodinge Son of Samuel Goodinge Curate [one of twins, aged c.3½ mths]
30 Dec John Sturges Bricklayer
31 Dec William Bickerton The Reverend William Bickerton from Ewhurst once Rector of this Parish was buried [rector 1725-40]
1757 19 Jan John Saunders late of Line
7 July William Kitchen Son of John and Amy [aged c.5 months]
5 Sept Susannah Bristow Daughter of Edward and Sarah
11 Oct Mary Tilly Wife of George
1758 13 Mar William Killick Son of William and Sarah [aged 1]
20 Apr Mary King Daughter of William and Mary [aged 3 weeks]
3 May William Bristow Son of Edward and Sarah
24 Oct John Burberry Son of Thomas and Sarah
8 Nov Mary Ede
4 Dec William Flint
9 Dec John Wolf
1759 1 Jan Ann Cott Wife of John [married 3 Sept 1758, with consent of parents; died in or after childbirth]
1 Jan James Cott Son of John and Ann [aged a few days]
12 Jan George Rumsey
13 Feb Mary Dennis Widow
[14] Feb Ann Peter Wife of Joseph
20 Mar Sarah Killick Wife of William
5 [July] Mary Finch
8 [Aug] [Sarah] Horley daughter of Richard & Ann
4 Dec Ann Avenell widow
28 Dec John Chart [? aged a few days]
1760 8 Jan Ann Stedman an Infant [aged 1 week]
21 Mar Mary Weller Wife of Richard
6 Apr Margaret Peter a Child belonging to the Foundling Hospital
13 Apr Sarah Harling Daughter of George and Mary [aged 3½ months]
1 May James Horley Son of Richard and Ann [aged 4]
3 May John Eames
13 May Hannah Eames Daughter of John and Sarah [twin, aged 1; sister died 9 months later]
24 May Mary Burberry Daughter of John and Sarah
25 May John Bishop Son of Thomas and Elizabeth [aged 2½]
9 June Sarah Bishop Daughter of Thomas [2 weeks after her brother, aged 6]
17 June Thomas Finch
5 Sept Joseph Dale [will (not seen), husbandman of Newdigate]
1761 6 Jan John Burberry Son of John and Sarah [aged just 1]
24 Jan Peter Ede
8 Feb Kezia Eames [surviving twin, aged 1¾]
11 Feb William Ede
12 Mar Jane Eames [aged 4]
31 Mar John Killick
10 Apr John Goodinge Son of Samuel Goodinge Curate and Elizabeth his Wife [aged just 2]
5 May Mary Harling Daughter of George and Mary his Wife [aged 3 days]
17 May John Sayers Son of Richard and Ann [aged 1 month]
27 June Jane Taylor Wife of William
13 June John Buggs
22 Aug William Skeet
1762 6 Jan Henry Warren
1 Mar Jane Reffold Wife of William [died 1766]
27 Apr Elizabeth Dolby Wife of John
1763 19 Jan A poor travelling Woman her name unknown
3 Apr Joseph Peter from the Holmwood
6 June Hannah Avelin [Avenell?] Daughter of John and Sarah [Hannah Avenell daughter of John and Sarah baptised 18 Feb. 1763]
10 June Mary Ede Widow from Vigo in Capel
1764 19 Mar Eleanor Waller [aged 2½ months]
31 Mar John Burberry
20 Apr Richard Kempsell Son of John and Susanna
20 Apr Wallinger Goodinge Son of Samuel Goodings Curate
22 Apr James Taylor
29 May Mary Tullet Daughter of William and Elizabeth [aged 11½]
29 May James Tullet Son of William and Elizabeth [aged 7½]
30 May Anne Chandler Daughter of Isaac and Sarah
13 July John Napper
16 Aug John Chandler Son of Joseph and Ruth [aged 1¼, 3 months after his baby sister]
15 Nov James Weller Son of George and Ruth [baptised 4 days earlier]
1765 11 Jan Philly Briggs Daughter of Isaac and Rebecca [aged c.2 weeks]
15 Jan Rebecca Briggs Wife of Isaac [married 1 Oct. 1764]
14 Apr Thomas Biggs
21 Apr Mary Wonham Wife of Christopher
10 May Sarah Stenning Wife of Thomas
16 May William Humphry Son of John and Sarah [aged 2½; 5 days before his brother]
21 May John Humphry Son of John and Sarah [aged 11 months]
22 May Thomas Stenning
18 June Mary Stedman Wife of Richard [3 days after baptism of her son]
28 June Thomas Duffel son of Thomas and Mary
8 July Mary Gad wife of William
24 July Richard Hamshar [will 1766]
28 Aug Richard Stedman Son of Richard [aged 2½ months, mother died soon after his birth; will (not seen), widower]
1 Oct Mary Kibben Widow
4 Nov Sarah Tayler Daughter of William and Elizabeth [aged 4 weeks]
3 Dec James Norris
18 Dec Anne Laurence Daughter of James and Ann [5 days after baptism]
1766 5 Feb William Reffold [wife Jane died 1762]
26 Feb Mary Duffel wife of Thomas
26 Mar Ann Cottenham widow of John
2 Apr William Chandler from the Alms House
9 Apr Mary Wells from Capel
16 Oct Hannah Constable Daughter of John and Constant [aged 16 months]
14 Nov Sarah Goodinge Daughter of Samuel Goodinge Curate and Elizabeth his Wife [aged c.9]
31 Dec Mary Beedle Daughter of James and Joan [4 days after baptism]
1767 25 Jan Joseph Chitty Gent.
30 Jan William Bull [will 1759, shopkeeper; wife Mary, proved 5 Mar.]
12 Apr Lucia Randal
19 June John Stedman son of William and Elizabeth an Infant [aged 6 weeks]
3 Nov Sarah Sayers widow aged 64 years [will; children Mary, Jane, Hannah, Richard, John, William, Philip; messuage/tenement & land in Ngt (?Butchers & late Sayers = Esquire Fields); husband John d. 1752]
20 Dec Susanna Kempsell the widow of John
31 Dec John Chandler pauper
[– Hannah Charlwood] [Quaker burial, Pleystowe register, JB index cards]
1768 2 Jan Mary Budgen Relict of John Budgen M:D: aged 67 years N.B. O Cecidil mulier —ria [3rd daughter of James Ede of Cudworth]
6 Jan William Ede pauper aged 87
20 Jan Mary Wolf pauper aged 80
30 May John Burberry Infant [? aged 2½]
? [Hannah Charlwood] [will 16 Jan. 1768, executor’s declaration 10 Sept. 1768; no immediate family; Yew Tree Cottage]
1 Nov Richard Morton Esqr. ob: 25 october: Sep: 1 November N.B. O. Cecidit vir sagax [tablet Z8 in church: ‘To the memory of Richard Morton Esq. late of Ewood in this parish who died 25th of October 1768. Aged 67 years. Mary his ever faithful wife hath caused this monument to be erected whose body was deposited in the same grave below May the 4th 1778 in the 73rd year of her age by Sarah Crowther her daughter’]
[page signed David Campbell Rector, Dan: Evans Curate]
[18 Dec] Anne Bull pauper
25 Dec Ann Waller Infant [aged 3 months]
28 Dec Mary Gad Infant [buried 3 days after baptism]
1769 6 Feb Edward Stedman from Capel aged 82
24 Apr Thomas Hampshire from Warnham
27 Apr William Harling Infant [aged 11 months]
16 May Christopher Wonham aged 73
20 July Sarah Stedman Infant [baptised the day after, according to the register!]
22 July Mary Tobut Ewood mill [? mother of Mary baptised the same day, married James Tobut 4 May 1769]
28 July Edward Kitchen Labourer
22 Sept Mary Eager Infant [aged 17 months]
8 Oct Elizabeth Bishop widow
20 Oct Mary Penfold Infant [aged 11 months]
3 Dec Daniel Weller Infant [no baptism]
1770 27 Jan Elizabeth Humphrey wife of Thomas
20 Feb Sarah Ward aged 17
21 Feb John Marden of Ewood
27 Mar Jenny Taylor Infant [aged 1 month]
1 Apr Anne Sayers wife of Richard [2 weeks after her daughter was baptised]
[page signed David Campbell Rector, Daniel Evans curate, Thomas Wonham, Thomas Ward churchwardens]
30 June Elizabeth Sayers Infant [aged 2½ months, her mother died 2 months before]
17 July Elizabeth Tullett Infant [no baptism; can’t be dau. of John & Sarah]
24 July James Laurence aged 4 years [baptised 7 December 1766]
28 Aug Anne Brown Infant [aged c.1 month]
10 Aug John Burberry of Newdigate place [entry misplaced in the register] [will: farmer in husbandry; brother Thomas, cousin William]
28 Aug Robert Ede aged 35
1 Nov Thomas Tidy aged 58
15 Dec Sarah Chandler Dtr of Isaac Chandler Infant [? aged 5]
1771 6 Jan Thomas Ede of Vigo Homwood
17 Mar Susanna Waren widow
2 Apr William Beedle pauper
22 June Mary Tidy wife of John
4 Aug Thomas Duffield a pauper
22 Aug John Chandler Schoolmaster & was buried aged 64 (a man worthily beloved) [schoolmaster 1739-1771. Chouler p.11: a rail in the churchyard reads: Johannis Chandler mortales reliquiar quas exuit 10mo Aug. MDCCLXXI aet. 64 hic sepultae sunt.]
  22 Oct Thomas Ward son of Thomas [aged 16]
1 Dec Prudence Sanders [page signed David Campbell Rector, Dan Evans curate, Tho Burberry, Wm Constable churchwardens]
1772 12 Feb Mary Summerfield
20 Mar George Romsey an insane man
4 May Richard Horley killed by a waggon going over him in the Homewood
12 May Thomas Duront traveller
15 May James Lawrence labourer
12 June Mary Taylor wife of John, and Mary their Daughter an Infant were buried in one Grave
10 July Thomas Burberry son of John and Sarah [aged 5]
31 Aug John Holder labourer
1 Sept Hannah Burberry infant [no baptism]
[? James Ede] [will (not seen), of Newdigate, proved 23 October]
1 Nov William Stedman from Holmwood
13 Nov Mary Sturges
[? Thomas Budgen ] [M.P., of Holder House, Dorking]
1773 7 April Mary Penfold infant [aged 10 months]
13 Apr William Weller son of William [aged c.2 weeks]
20 Apr Christopher Wonham infant [aged 6 months]
[page signed David Campbell Rector, Daniel Evans Curate, William Constable, James Ansell churchwardens]
17 May Elizabeth Dale wife of William
15 June Sarah Tulit infant [c.3 weeks]
20 July William Beedle whose skull was bored and fractured by the breech pin of a gun blowing out
13 Aug James Tobil [sic] [Tobit?] Miller vivitur honesto, cur virtute
1 Oct Elizabeth Batchelor wife of Thomas
28 Dec Mary Sturges a young girl
1774 9 Jan William Dale pauper
10 Jan John Nye nec unquam habuit Janua linguorna [transcript: meaning unclear – possibly dumb] [will: yeoman, wife Sarah; left her Loompits, signed by mark]
2 April Sarah Penfold [page signed David Campbell Rector, D. Evans curate, John Waller, John Wood churchwardens]
13 Apr Richard Botten [? aged 24]
3 May William Gad pauper
10 May Mary Eager infant [aged just 1]
1775 5 May Thomas Ward of Cudworth [? born 1720; ? wife Jane died 1816 aged 93 & left a will]
10 Sept William Palmer pauper
20 Oct William Baldwin pauper
8 Dec Elizabeth Stedman
[signed Dr David Campbell Rector, Dan Evans curate, Thomas Eager, John ?Wonham churchwardens]
6 Nov Jane Williams wife of David Williams Esqr of Warwick Court Holborn, and sister to Dan Evans curate, died, and is deposited in the rectorial Vault in St Andrew’s Church Holborn London.
1776 8 Jan Mary Wood wife of Robert [memorial B28: aged 6-; Robert (?wheelwright) died 1786]
23 Jan David Campbell D.D. Rector of this parish died at Bath Janry 23rd 1776 [L.L.D., rector 1740-76]
24 Jan William Wood infant [no baptism]
27 Jan James King son of William [aged 11]
8 Feb Sarah King daughter of the above William [2 weeks after her brother, aged 6]
27 Feb William Taylor son of William [? aged 22]
26 Mar Grace Taylor wife of John
29 Mar Anne Mitchener wife of Henry Mitchener, Butcher [daughter baptised 3 days before]
26 Apr Thomas Burberry a very honest and Capital farmer [will 22 April 1776 proved 21 May; yeoman, wife Elizabeth, children Sarah Burberry, Elizabeth Briggs, Mary Andrew, Jane Humphrey, Thomas, Richard, William, Stephen, David]
30 Apr James Mitchener infant [c. 5 weeks, mother died a month before]
2 May Thomas Tidy a young man about 20
12 June Mary Tidy from Dorking
22 June William Summerfield of Parkgate
24 July Amy Taylor infant, only privately baptised [4 days earlier]
1777 7 Mar Sarah Young daughter of Thomas and Sarah [no baptism]
15 May Mary Warren wife of William
27 July Henry son of –
29 July Jane Holder widow [will (not seen)]
7 Nov Daniel Capon Senr. [will farmer, children John, Richard, Elizabeth Steer, Constant Constable, Daniel, William, Ann Sayers (deceased); grandchildren Richard & Constant Sayers]
1778 15 Jan Philly Tayler daughter of James and Sarah [aged nearly 7]
10 Feb Chandler Widow
4 Mar Joseph Humphrey son of Joseph and Jane [aged nearly 7]
27 Mar Hannah Marden wife of Richard
1 April John Taylor
15 Apr Grace Chaplin infant [d. William & Jane, born 1 Feb., bapt. 29 March]
17 Apr Richard Tidy son of William and Sarah [aged 11½]
4 May Mary Morton Mrs Mary Morton, Relict of Richard Morton Esqr was buried in a Grave within the Church, in the Seat belonging to Cudworth – Fee two Guineas. Note. Five Guineas would have been given as had been given after the Burial of Mr Moreton, but, for a Grave containg [sic]only one Corps, two I thought altogether sufficient. G.A. [tablet Z8 in church: ‘To the memory of Richard Morton Esq. late of Ewood in this parish who died 25th of October 1768. Aged 67 years. Mary his ever faithful wife hath caused this monument to be errected whose body was deposited in the same grave below May the 4th 1778 in the 73rd year of her age by Sarah Crowther her daughter’] [JB index cards: daughter of James Ede, widow of James Budgen]
20 May Mary Saunders daughter of William and Mary, Infant [born 9 Feb., bapt. 8 Mar.]
5 July William Harding son of Henry and Martha, Infant [baptised the same day]
[page signed George Allen, Rector]
1779 12 Jan John Pinion
27 Jan Sarah Fuller
15 Feb Ann Chandler daughter of -. N.B. Residing under Certificate the Fee of 6S 8D was paid for Burial.
11 Mar Mary Bachelor Widow
12 Nov Benjamin Chart 80
5 Dec Jane Saunders 94 Widow
12 Dec Samuel Mitchener Infant son of Henry [is this the Michael s. Henry & Alice, born 24 Dec 1777 and bapt. 11 Jan. 1778?]
[signed George Allen, Rector]
1780 7 Jan Elizabeth Tidy 29 from London
9 Jan James Chandler 1 son of Isaac. James Chandler residing under Certificate the Fee of 6S 8D was paid for burial. [s. Isaac & Sarah, 16 mths, bapt 13 Sept 1788]
6 Mar William Wonham 76 [will 10 Sept. 1779, yeoman, owned & occupied Ockleys & Newdigate Horsey; no immediate family]
17 Mar Henry Humphrey 1 son of John and Sarah [born 11 Mar. 1779, bapt. 21 March]
2 April Rebecca Baldwin 82 widow
16 Apr John Brown 50
14 May Joseph Chandler 1 son of Sarah. Fee of 6S 8D paid for Burial, Mother not being a Parishioner [no baptism in register]
22 May Richard Marden 48
8 May Sarah Summerfield 31 wife of Richard
20 June William Weller 3 son of Peter
18 July Richard Stedman 44
[14 Aug. Eleanor Plumer -] [brass X5, recorded by Bax in 1883: ‘The Burial Vault of Eleanor Plumer Made August 14 1780’. A stone (not brass) with this inscription has been moved to the base of the tower, in front of the gallery rail.]
24 Aug Elizabeth Eager Infant daughter of Thomas and Ann [born 16 June, bapt. 18th, aged 2 m]
12 Dec Elizabeth Rumsey 76 Widow
[page signed George Allen Rector]
1781 17 Jan Ann Shaw widow of John
24 Feb Ann Ede 75 widow [will 1776 proved 1781, under ₤300; children Henry, William, Ann Sheet, Elizabeth Arnold]
14 Apr Sarah Nye 81 widow
1 May James Burberry 12 son of John and Sarah. Killed by a Fall from a Horse.[baptised April 1769]
3 June James Weller 11 son of James and Mary. Killed by a Fall from a Waggon.
28 Oct Elizabeth Marden 73 Widow
31 Oct Mary Capon Infant daughter of William and Ann [born 7 Oct., bapt. 21st]
14 Dec Mary Bishop 32 wife of Stephen [died 1834 aged 85]
29 Dec Martha Ede 24 wife of James.
[signed George Allen Rector. He was apparently writing the register himself. JB: same writing from 17/4/1778 to 1787 when he died.]
1782 [Ruth: in 1782 or 3-ish there was a volcanic eruption in Iceland, lasted c.9 mths, huge ash cloud, lots of deaths from dust inhalation etc.]
  20 Jan Elizabeth Bishop 6
3 Mar Ann Stedman 83 wife of Joseph (from the Holmwood)
16 May John Naylor 86 [will John Nailard 6 March 1772 proved 24 May 1782, yeoman; wife, Hannah; farmer at Greens]
8 July Sarah Shaw 34 Widow
14 Aug Richard Stedman Infant [no baptism in register, ? illegitimate]
18 Sept James Nye 74
8 Nov John Bishop 60
1783 1 Jan Elizabeth Burberry 74 Widow [will 1778, X, proved 1783; children Thomas, William, Richard, Elizabeth Briggs, Mary Andrew, Jane Humphrey, Stephen, David; niece Sarah Burberry]
4 April Sarah Tilley 62 wife of George
9 April Sarah Lawrence 83 Widow
5 May Rebecca Hampshire Infant [d. William & Mary, born 4 April, baptised 20 April]
23 May John Constable 29
26 May James Finch 75
23 Sept Tryphena Weller wife of William
24 Oct Jane Tulitt 2 daughter of John [? bapt. Jenny d. John & Sarah 4 March 1781]
1784 21 Jan Lickey Tulitt 1 daughter of Elizabeth [illegitimate, no baptism in register]
25 Feb Mary Wonham 46 wife of Thomas
31 Mar Winifred Buckle 5 daughter of Gabriel [& Rachel, bapt. 9 Aug. 1778]
25 June John Ede 29
18 July Thomas Bishop 63
14 Aug John Burberry Infant son of William [& Jane; 6 months, born 9 Feb, baptised 27 Feb.]
16 Oct Robert Moore 28 [will 12 Oct. 1783, blacksmith; wife Elizabeth]
16 Nov Sarah Finch 70 Widow
5 Dec Richard Humphrey 76
1785 28 Jan John Stenning 66 hanged himself
27 Feb Sarah Bristow wife of Edward
22 Mar Edward Bristow husband of said Sarah
22 Mar Benjamin Chart 2 son of Thomas [& Ann, born 24 March 1783, baptised 26 Mar.]
25 Mar Sarah Parsons wife of William
24 Apr Joseph Chandler 67
15 May John Tidy 70
3 July Thomas Batchelor 86
6 July Thomas Wonham 2 son of William [no baptism in register]
14 Dec Elizabeth Nye 72 Widow
1786 3 Feb Thomas Burberry 2 son of David [& Amy, born 14 March 1783, baptised 26 March, aged almost 3]
6 July Richard Brown
23 July Sarah Linsey [d. Joseph & Elizabeth, born 21 May, bapt. 24 May, aged 8 wks]
7 Sept John Burberry 53 [memorial B31: husband of Sarah (died 1798 aged 62, c.f.); farmer at Greens]
20 Sept Robert Wood 80 [memorial B28: husband of Mary (died 1776); ? wheelwright at Parkgate]
1787 3 Jan Hannah Naylor 83 Widow
4 Jan John Hunt 73
22 Feb Elizabeth Flint 80 wife of Edward
George Allen Reverend George Allen died Feby 18. He was eleven years, Rector of this Parish, buried at Dorking. [rector 1776-87]
1788 25 Apr David Hole Infant son of Ann [born 12 March, baptised 16 March]


6 May Esau Burberry son of Stephen [& Sarah; twin of Jacob, born April 22, baptised May 4, aged 2 weeks]
badly 3 June Jane Capon daughter of William [& Ann; born March 27, bapt. May 29]
mixed 5 June Catherine Kitchen 77 Widow
up 16 June Ann Capon 16 daughter of Daniel
19 Apr Jane Hampshire 76 Widow, from Bettesworth
22 Apr John Ede 76 [will; c.₤600; wife Ann, children James, Sarah Sadler]
3 May Martha Mary [sic: Mary?] Capon infant daughter of William and Ann [born 26 April, baptised 29 April, aged 7 days; Martha died 1812 aged 23]
25 May Jacob Burberry son of Stephen [& Sarah; twin of Esau, born April 22, baptised May 4]
June? 17 Jan Ann Constable 14 daughter of John, poor [Jan. or June?]
2 Aug Joseph Tidy 28 poor [4th child baptised 16 Nov.; married Elizabeth Tayler in capel in 1782]
7 Nov Elenor Gad 1 daughter of James [no baptism in register, ? baptised Dorking 5 Sept. 1787 as daughter of Charles and Mary Gad]
24 Nov William Eager 24 by a Gun
4 Dec John Sturgis 65
1789 23 Mar Aaron Tibbles 11 a Traveller [JB says Fibbles]
31 July Palmer 75 Widow
23 Aug Hannah Penfold 38 wife of Elisha [m. 13 May 1772 age c.21, nee Potter; Elijah [sic] died 1825 aged 77]
1790 6 Jan Thomas Duffold smallpox [?m. 10 Feb. 1769, widower, m. Mary Randal]
16 Jan George Churchfield smallpox
7 Apr Mary Caffyn wife of Richard, smallpox
10 Apr John Waller smallpox [? son or landlord of The Bells]
17 Apr John Andrew 56 [vestrey clerk; ?m. Mary Burberry 16 June 1768 aged c.34; tenant at Reffolds.]
13 May Mary [Bull] 75 Widow [will 1780 proved 1790; granddaughter Mary Tobutt]
26 May William Constable 79
29 May James [Rowland] 28
31 July Rebecca Constable 62 wife of John [memorial B12: died 27 July; husband John died 1804, Rebecca Harrison 1836 on same stone. John owner Wirmwood 1780-91, tenant part Brooklag 1788-92]
23 Aug David Burberry
5 Sept Hannah Hamshar Infant daughter of William [& Mary; baptised 18 June 1790]
8 Oct Sarah Biggs [1] [d. Joseph & Judith, baptised 26 July 1789]
18 Oct Rebecca Ede [c.5 wks] [d. of James & Mary, baptised 16 Sept.]
14 Dec Edward Wood 4 [3] son of John [& Sarah; baptised 6 Jan. 1788]
1791 5 Jan Elizabeth Tulett wife of William
27 Jan Richard Tulett Infant son of John [no baptism in register]
9 Mar Mary Weller the wife of Thomas
6 May Sarah Humphrey wife of John
10 Sept John Ward 26 [will farmer, wife Jenny née Weller, mother Jane]
10 Sept Elizabeth Horley 70 Widow
20 Oct Mary Chilman 33 wife of George
1792 2 Jan Mary Humphrey 27 wife of James [post-partem, her son James died aged 7 weeks]
5 Feb Biggs 86 Widow
23 Feb James Humphrey 7 wks son of James and Mary [baptised 12 Feb., mother died 7 weeks before]
21 Mar Hannah Kempshall 9 m. daughter of John and Ann [baptised 22 Jan., ? born June.]
19 Apr Hannah Capon 4 yrs daughter of William and – [actually aged 1½; born 25 Oct. 1790, baptised 8 Nov.]
27 May Hannah Weller [9] daughter of William and [Tryphaena, born 14 Nov. 1782, bapt. 24 Nov.]
28 Aug Edward Flint 89 [new hand: JB says Thomas Duncomb, curate]
9 Sept Ruth Weller 55 wife of George
[signed] T. Duncomb Curate, James Ede Churchwarden
1793 9 Jan John Kibben 72
12 Feb Winifred Tayler Infant daughter of Jane [illegitimate]
7 Aug William Constable 26
22 Sept Joseph [Stedman] [87]
[– Richard Bax ?] [of Ewood Mill. Quaker burial, Pleystowe register, JB index cards. His widow Susannah 1814]
1794 31 May Joseph Terry 76
16 June David Beadle Infant son of William and Elizabeth
10 Aug Elizabeth Warren Infant daughter of William and Elizabeth [buried a week after baptism]
10 Aug William Sanders 60
3 Oct William Capon 51
21 Nov Ann Eager 15 daughter of Anne [& Thomas; bapt. 7 Aug. 1778]
[signed] T. Duncomb Curate,

Robt Neston, Stephen Burberry Churchwardens

[- Richard Bax -] [Quaker, born 27/8/1730, buried Friends burial ground at Pleystowe, Capel, ‘A miller at Ewood mill’.]
1795 1 Feb William Hamshire 22 son of William and Mary
5 Feb John Clark 77 [his wife died six weeks later]
1 Mar John Ward 72
4 Mar Jane [Jenny?] Weller 43 [41?] wife of Peter [memorial E2: Jenny wife of Peter, died 28 Feb. aged 41 years; Peter ? died 1824 (E3)]
21 Mar Jane Chart Infant daughter of William and Maria
27 Mar Hannah Clark 67 Widow of John [who died six weeks earlier]
27 Mar Christopher Wonham 3 son of – of Oakley
26 Apr Judith Biggs 37 wife of Joseph [daughter Rebecca died six weeks later]
23 Apr William Bishop 4 son of Thomas and Mary [baptised 27 May 1792]
17 June John Constable 61 [new hand] (?husband of Constant nee Capon, m. 1764)
26 June Rebecca Biggs 3 daughter of Joseph [baptised 3 June 1792; mother died six weeks earlier]
10 July Sarah Buggs wife of George [who died 1800 aged 80]
20 Aug Robert Woods 26 son of John
23 Sept David Buckle 22 son of Gabriel [new hand]
14 Oct Elizabeth Dolby 23 daughter of John and –
24 Dec Ann Humphrey 24 daughter of John and Sarah
28 Dec Mary Ede 4 daughter of James and Mary [baptised 20 Sept. 1791]
[signed] Thomas Duncomb curate
1796 4 Jan John Ede 2 son of James and Mary [baptised 14 July 1793]
25 Feb William Warren 63
28 Feb Martha Humphrey 1 daughter of Richard and Ann [baptised 21 Dec. 1794]
28 Mar Thomas Stanbridge 1 son of Thomas and Elizabeth [baptised 21 Dec. 1794]
4 June John Wolfe 78 (bapt. 1718 son of John, married 1756, no children) [will widower, value less than 15s]
16 Oct Thomas Weller 73
13 Nov William Killick 69 [married Sarah Finch 1761, no children]
22 Nov Sarah Tidy 12 daughter of Widow Tidy [born 18 April 1784, baptised 27 May, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth]
10 Dec Constant Constable 53 widow, [? of John d. 1795, married 1764 neé Capon]
[signed] John Buckner, Rector, Richard Mason churchwarden
1797 3 Jan William Stedman 34 [not baptised in parish]
10 Mar Richard Edwards [not in other registers]
12 Mar George Tilley 82 [not in other registers; his wife Mary died 1757 and Sarah aged 62 died 1783]
7 June Tryphena Weller 17 daughter of William [and Tryphena; born 28 Nov. 1780, baptised 7 Jan. 1781]
11 June John Constable 16 [no baptism in register]
28 Aug George Hayler infant son of George and Anne [baptised 21 August]
27 Sept Elizabeth Harling 24 [not baptised in parish]
22 Oct Harriett Gadd infant daughter of Charles & Mary [baptised 11 June 1797]
17 Oct Elizabeth Mutton 15 [first record of surname in registers]
30 Oct Isaac Weller 15 son of Daniel [& Sarah; born 21 Feb. 1782, bapt. 17 March 1782]
30 Oct Mary Bishop
16 Nov William Weller 12 son of William [not in baptisms register]
29 Nov Susan Chart 4 daughter of William [Susanna daughter of William and Maria, baptised 28 December 1792]
1 Dec Benjamin Bishop 13 son of John [& Hannah; born 3 April 1784, baptised 2 May]
[signed] John Carr Curate, Richard Mason churchwarden
1798 13 Jan Elizabeth Tidy 34 Widow [not married in parish]
24 Mar Mary Harling 65 wife of George Harling
27 Apr Sarah Burberry 62 Widow [memorial B31: wife of John ?died 1786 aged 53, son of John & Sarah, married 1756; will X made 1793, proved 16 May 1798; widow, children Sarah Wessen, Elizabeth Moore widow, John, Jenny, William; ? Greens; running a business]
21 July Mary Kibbin 15 daughter of Mary [baptised 1783, illegitimate d. Mary]
2 Oct William Burberry 1 yr son of John and Sarah [no baptism]
27 Nov James Longhurst son of James [no baptism]
[signed] Henry Woodcock Rector, John Carr curate,

James Humphrey, George Hayler churchwardens

1799 14 Jan Mary Lucas 19 daughter of Ann Kempshall [baptised 1778, illeg. d. Ann Lucas, no marriage in register]
18 Feb James Worsfold infant son of John & Sarah [no baptism in register][JB says there was another Worsfold child aged 2 buried within a fortnight of the infant.]
29 Mar Gabriel Buckle 69 from Leigh [wife Rachel died 1826 aged 89]
22 May George Harling 36 son of George [no baptism]
1 June Katherine Charman 56 single woman [no baptism]
27 June William Sayers 53 son of John and Sarah, a Bachelor [no baptism]
24 July James Burberry infant son of John and Sarah [no baptism]
26 July Elizabeth Beedle 76 Widow [no marriage in parish]
[signed] Henry Woodcock Rector, John Carr Curate,

James Humphrey, John Burberry c/wardens

1800 18 Jan Sarah Constable 73 wife of Benjamin [not in other registers]
28 Jan George Buggs 80
20 Mar John Banks 40 belonging to Charlwood
21 June William Brown 77 [not in other registers]
1800 18 Sept John Tullet 1 son of John and Elizabeth [baptised March 1799]
23 Dec Mary Warren 21 wife of Daniel [not in other registers, Daniel ? remarried 1802, died 1851 aged 73]
[signed] Dr Langford Rector, J. Carr Curate,

Stephen Burberry, George Terry c/wardens

1801 7 Jan Caroline Ede 3 yrs 6 m daughter of James and Mary [baptised 11 June 1797]
9 Jan Joseph Brown 65 committed Suicide in a small Hovel at Clerks Jan. 6 Lunacy [JB adds: Inquest Sunday.]
28 Jan William King 5m son of George and Elizabeth [baptised 14 Sept. 1800] [in baptisms as Terry: check!]
9 Mar James Penfold 59 [? m. Mary Wood 17/4/1765, she was buried 10/3/1823 aged 76]
1801 22 Apr Thomas Bishop 49
9 May John Dale 43 a single man
11 May George Harling 76
24 May Jane Warren 33
31 July Hannah Capon wife of Daniel
24 Aug Ann Rolls infant [baptised 7 July]
25 Oct Ann Weller 51 wife of George [neé Brandsden, formerly Ann Capon]
11 Nov Sarah Lepard 65 wife of Thomas [died 1803]
[signed] Wm Langford Rector, J. Carr Curate,

Henry Bridger, Thomas Wonham Junior churchwardens

1802 8 Feb Henry Worsfold 78
9 Feb Thomas Burberry 1 son of Thomas and Rebecca [no baptism in Newdigate]
21 Mar Peter Barrow 1 son of Peter and Hannah [baptised as Peter Burrow May 1801 aged 10 months]
10 Apr Thomas Banks 3m son of Thomas and Amy [baptised 31 Jan.]
3 June Sarah Gaston 32 wife of James
23 Dec Henry Warren 21 son of Daniel
[signed] William Langford Rector, Jno Carr Curate,

James Briggs, Thomas Wonham churchwardens

1803 1 Feb Mary Weller 59 wife of James
30 Mar John Humphrey 88 Farmer at Park-gate [will 24 Feb. 1798 proved 19 May 1803; farmer, senior, children Thomas, Henry, James, William, Mary Chapman, John, left <₤425 to pay ₤810 legacies]
18 June Mary Chart 76 widow [of Benjamin? His death not recorded unless 1779 aged 80, making him 28 years older than his wife]
21 July Mary Bishop 13 [daughter of Thomas and Mary, baptised 19 May 1790]
21 Sept Mary Briggs 35 wife of James [only 1 child, born 1787]
24 Nov Thomas Lepard 72 [wife Sarah died 1801]
27 Dec Ann Penfold ? [8] daughter of James and Mary [baptised 1795]
[signed] William Langford DD Rector, John Carr Curate,

James Briggs, Thos Wonham churchwardens

1804 14 Jan Thomas Slinford 15 [no baptism]
15 Jan Mary Duffield 77 widow
8 Aug William Chart [born July 1786 so aged just 18?]
21 Mar John Constable 87 [memorial B12: died 27 July; wife Rebecca died 1790, Rebecca Harrison 1836 on same stone (daughter?). Owner Wirmwood 1780-91, tenant part Brooklag 1788-92]
19 May Hester Banks 1 daughter of Thomas and Amy [baptised May 1803]
23 May John Chandler son of Isaac and Sarah [no baptism]
29 July Isaac Chandler 61
29 July Sarah Worsfold 38 wife of John
31 Aug John Cottenham aged
20 Nov William Caffyn 27 son of Richard and Mary [both died 1790?]
6 Nov Sarah Chandler 60 widow
[? Joseph Turry] [will (not seen), farmer of Newdigate, proved 3 December]
[signed] Wm Langford DD Rector, Jno Carr Curate, Jon’ Weller, Thomas Wonham churchwardens
[– John Edwards ?] [of Newdigate, Quaker Pleystowe burial register but ‘not a member’, JB index cards]
1805 4 Mar Sarah Woods Andrews 22 wife of Jonathan [Jonathan Woods Andrew baptised 1782, no marriage]
15 Mar George Hopkins 2 son of Thomas and Sarah [baptised Sept. 1802; mother died in May]
19 Apr John Lifford 64 a Bachelor
13 May Sarah Hopkins 26 wife of Thomas [burial 2 days after the baptism of her son William; son George died in March]
[died 25 May John Smith Budgen -] [? buried Dorking: JB. Will 1799, not seen]
19 June Thomas Wonham 75 Yeoman [will, farmer Sturtwood, Cheesmans, Butts, Hales Close, house near church [Loampits], Old House, two houses in Newdigate [465-6??], children James Worsfold or Wonham miller of Suggershall, Thomas, Christopher, William, James, Alice King, Sarah Agate deceased, Rebecca Burberry, Winifred Lassam, Amy Banks]
9 Aug John Finch 36 a Bachelor
16 Aug Susan Brown 82 widow
28 Aug Richard Humphrey 70 Senior
12 Nov Thomas Tyler 50 a Bachelor
[signed] Wm Langford Rector, Jno Carr, John Weller, Thos Wonham churchwardens
1806 5 July Ann Finch 65 wife of John
28 Dec William Dalton infant illegitimate son of Rebecca [baptised a week earlier]
[signed] Wm Langford Rector, Jno Carr, John Weller, Thos Wonham churchwardens
1807 3 Jan John Humphrey 66 Farmer at Park-gate [will 12 Dec. 1806, wife Hannah, children John, Elizabeth, Sarah; brother James, brother-in-law Henry Chapman]
6 Jan John Sparks Wonham 2 illegitimate Son of Mary Wonham [no baptism]
13 Mar Samuel Tugwell 48 [tenant of Reffolds; left a widow Mary and eight children.]
11 Apr Ann Bishop
9 May Edward Dale 54 Died of the Small Pox
5 June Emmy Hopkins 26 wife of John [no identifiable marriage]
23 June William Lucas 2 son of James [no baptism]
2 July John Burberry infant son of John and Sarah [no baptism]
11 Aug Amy Wonham 19 daughter of William [no baptism]
[signed very illegibly] Wilm Langford Rector, Jno? Hardcastle Curate, Jno? King, ? Briggs churchwardens
1808 9 Jan George Wonham 7 son of James and Sarah [no baptism]
24 Jan William Chandler 85
4 Feb Elizabeth Stedman 78 wife of William
17 Mar Sarah Beedle 56 wife of William
24 May Benjamin Palmer 52 [widow Jane ?remarried Elisha Penfold in 1825]
3 June Sarah Carter infant daughter of Charels [ sic] and Mary [baptised 22 May]
31 July Rebekah Burberry 12 daughter of Thos and Rebekah [Rebecca Jane baptised 19 June 1796]
6 Aug Henry Boorer 93
7 Aug Sarah Kitchen 1 daughter of Abraham and Joanna [baptised March 1807]
25 Aug Hannah Humphrey 44 wife of John [children baptised 1789, 1791, 1793]
23 Oct Mary King 68 wife of William
12 Dec Richard King infant son of David and Sarah [baptised 27 Dec 1808! [check dates!]]
[signed] Willm Langford Rector, J. Hardcastle curate,

J. Weller, Thomas Wonham churchwardens

1809 18 Feb Weller Jesse infant son of David & Lydia [no baptism]
26 Feb Finch John 74
26 Feb Pickett Thomas 3 son of Richard & Mary [no baptism]
30 Mar Weller James 6 son of James & Susan [no baptism]
10 Apr Wood John 69
1 Sept Amy Smith 3 son of John & Sarah [baptised Nov. 1805]
[signed] Willm Langford DD Rector, J. Hardcastle Curate,

J. Weller, Thomas Wonham churchwardens

1810 12 July Ann Waller 86 widow
3 Aug Sarah Butcher infant daughter of Arthur & Elizabeth [no baptism]
9 Dec Charlotte King 12 daughter of Richard & Alice [baptised May 1799]
11 Dec Jane Burberry 5 daughter of John & Sarah [baptised Mar. 1805 as Jenny]
[signed] Willm Langford Rector, J. Hardcastle curate,

Thomas Wonham, John Weller churchwardens

1811 10 Apr Mary Hersse 27 wife of William [no marriage or children in registers; William Hersey or Hearsey’s poor inventory 1811]
19 Apr James Taylor 30 son of James [born April 1780]
23 May Thomas Wonham 53 [will yeoman, Youngland, Sturtwood, tithe no. 172; wife Elizabeth, brother-in-law Thomas Burberry, children Thomas, Mary] [?court of chancery action & farm sold to give Mary her portion, check] [Eliz. rem. Wm Penfold, later farmer at Coombers, she died 1854 aged 75, Thomas died 1869 aged 69, Dorking Union.]
27 Aug Elizabeth Hayler 6 wks daughter of [James? Isaac??] and Elizabeth [no baptism]
6 Oct Jane Dolby 57 wife of John
1 Nov Ann Hayler 46 wife of George [no marriage, children 1789, 1790, 1792, 1797]
[signed illegibly] J. Hardcastle Curate [JB adds: John Weller, George Terry churchwardens.]
1812 1 Jan John Tullett 64 [born 1744, thatcher; wife Sarah died 1834 aged 83]
2 May Mary Penfold 34 daughter of James & Mary [born Jan. 1778; unmarried]
23 May John Humphrey 74 [illegible words]
5 June Mary Carter 33 wife of Charles [children 1808, 1809]
2 Feb George Butcher 11 wks son of James & Mary [bapt. 1 Dec. 1811]
18 Sept Martha Capon 23 daughter of William & Ann [survivor of twins, born 1788]
3 Oct William Thomas infant son of William and Elizabeth [baptised 23 August]
20 Nov Sarah Humphrey 73 wife of John
13 Dec Mary Chandler 77 wife of William
31 Dec Bishop 84 wife of Thomas
[signed] J. Hardcastle, John Weller, George Terry

end of microfiche

1813 7 Jan David Gad 6 mth son of Maria, single woman [illegitimate, no baptism]

(signed) J. Hardcastle curate

11 Mar Esther Burberry 14 daughter of Thomas & Rebecca [no baptism]; (signed) J. Hardcastle curate
16 June William King 83 widower; (signed) J. Hardcastle curate
6 July Jane Humphrey 65 wife of Joseph [née Burberry, died 1830 aged 87]

(signed) J. Hardcastle curate

12 Aug Ann Ede 93 widow, of Charlwood; (signed) J. Hardcastle curate
6 Sept Thomas Belchamber 78 (signed) J. Hardcastle curate
3 Oct Henry Harden 85 (signed) J. Hardcastle curate
3 Oct John Lucas 26 [illegitimate, baptised Feb. 1787] (signed) J. Hardcastle curate
30 Nov Martha Harden 74 widow of Henry; (signed) J. Hardcastle curate
31 Dec John Bishop 53 (signed) J. Hardcastle curate

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