Old Folks Dinner (later Henry Smith’s Dinner)

Every year a Christmas lunch is held in the Village Hall for the old folks. This was later taken on by the Newdigate Trustees of the Henry Smith Charity. Every diner is given a serviette (now menu card) with the names of everyone attending printed on it. The Society has a comprehensive collection of these momentos going back to the 1920s.


Old Folks Dinner – 1932. Rev. J.W. Ward presiding


Mr. A. Curtis, Mrs. G. Jenner, Reuben Streeter, Mrs. E.C. Janson & Mrs. B. Wood with Rev. J.W. Ward.


Old Folks Dinner – 1938 (Back of the room – George Horley, the Rev. Albert Stone. Henry Moltke Trouncer (seated of Henfold Place), Mrs. Trouncer, Mrs. Shore (George Horley’s sister), ? , Ada Weller or Miss Dynes, Louisa Horley, Nellie Farley, Henry Whittingham, Fred Dean, Mrs. Berry (of Kingsland). Far right, seated – ?, ?, Lucy Gadd, Daniel Hopkins, Mr. A. Curtis, Sid Burberry, ?, ?. Middle right – ?, ?, ?, Frederick Dennis. Middle left – Charles Brackley (former headmaster), ?, Mr. Trow (Rose Villa), Mr. Rowland (Kingsland), Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Jackson, ?.

Dinner in the 1950s