About Us

Newdigate crest

The Newdigate Local History Society was formed in the Spring of 1984 with the following objectives:

1. To record the local history of Newdigate and its environs.
2. To preserve objects of local historical interest.
3. To record current local events.
4. To take action where necessary to preserve and protect our heritage.

Since our formation these principals have been adhered to and we now have a large collection of artifacts safely housed in the Village Hall.

* We have about 2000 pictures of buildings, people and events stored in acid free
* We have acquired a large number of parish magazines going back to 1882.
* Many old house/estate sale notices have been saved.
* Monumental inscriptions have been obtained and will shortly be updated.
* The parish registers and census returns have been transcribed.
* A complete survey of all the ancient barns in the parish has been completed.
* Many local family trees have been compiled.
* A scrapbook relating to current Newdigate affairs is constantly maintained.
* Two to three magazines are published per annum.
* A presentation in costume about the effects of the Great War in Newdigate has
been given and a book published.
* We have regular guest speakers and outings.
* Sales items such as tea towels, bags, pens, mugs etc. are available.
* We have published a number of books and booklets, notably a 160 page, hardback
book entitled ‘Newdigate – A Wealden Village’
* A long, defunct limekiln has been excavated and recorded.
* We attend to many genealogical and local history enquiries from the public.
* We have featured in a number of Mole Valley Heritage Days and Village Days

We are constantly searching for any material relating to Newdigate – maps, leaflets, documents, photographs etc. are all carefully filed to become available for future historians.

If you would like to take part in this active society why not become a member?